Title: Jennie wearing Chanel again

Source: Pann

Date posted: December 27. 2017

This time, the point of the outfit was a Chanel strap!!
Everything was put together really nicely

She already looks classy and luxurious, but it's highlighted even more so with the Chanel strap
I thought she was just the 'Human Gucci' but she's a 'Human Chanel' as well

Her classiness is really daebak
She has a greater aura than most wealthy people

Look at her gaze
What would she have done if she wasn't a celebrity, particularly an idol

She looks so pretty and natural is whatever outfit they put her in
She hit yet another peak

She's overflowing with a luxurious vibe
As expected of someone I'd like to be like

Wow...she's crazy
It's even more amazing because she's sexy and classy at the same time

Her earrings look really flashy but gets covered by her visuals
The Chanel strap doesn't stand out too much because of that as well

She's seriously the prettiest
A visual that keeps you staring


1.) [+41][-14] Seriously, how can a person be this luxurious looking???  Her classiness is overflowing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2.) [+34][-9] I love Kim Jennie on stage ㅠ

3.) [+27][-10] So pretty

4.) [+22][-7] Her visuals really do keep you staring and wanting to see more

5.) [+19][-2] Their stylists really do deserve an award

6.) [+15][-8] She's like a prettier and younger version of Jessi

7.) [+14][-6] What's this?  How is she able to look so luxuriously pretty...I like her the best among the female idols lately...really pretty

8.) [+12][-3] Jisoo has a prettier face but Jennie stand out more.  She's more charming

9.) [+10][-5] The outfit looks better because of Jennie

10.) [+10][-6] Jennie is pretty, cute, sexy and everything you want


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