Title: "This visual, alluring"...Blackpink Lisa, a doll come to life

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 5, 2018


1.) [+313][-23] Are Lisa's visuals for real...seriously, all the photos she posts are pretty ㅠㅠ Barbie Lisa, I'll always be cheering you on

2.) [+278][-24] Seriously, when it comes to aura, figure and proportions, she's the one top

3.) [+267][-24] So pretty~ Lisa's proportions and figure is the best~!!  Lisa looks really pretty with brown hair as well~

4.) [+222][-22] The best

5.) [+214][-20] Lalisa is the best

6.) [+54][-9] A barbie doll

7.) [+53][-8] Look at her proportions.  Everyone in Blackpink has good proportions; they're the one top among girl groups

8.) [+49][-8] Lalisa's proportions are amazing.  I promise to watch 'BP House'!!!

9.) [+47][-6] YG, at the very least, supports their artists with luxurious outfits...jealous

10.) [+47][-8] Ppeu Ppeu the barbie doll


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