BLACKPINK's October comeback

Title: Blackpink, comeback in October with 2 new songs...filming the MVs over Chuseok

Source: Naver

Date posted: September 15, 2016


1.) [+1267][-84] Opening Hyun Suk's treasure box??

2.) [+962][-90] They're finally showing their treasures more

3.) [+850][-96] I'll be looking forward to another good song.  I like Blackpink

4.) [+780][-79] Opening and closing your treasure box....really, thank you, for at least opening your treasure box, even in that way

5.) [+666][-84] I really liked all the songs they released so I'm looking forward to the new releases!!

6.) [+94][-11] YG, focus on Korea promotions so their popularity stabilizes.  Winner and Ikon could have a much more stable popularity.  Do better with their Korean promotions....

7.) [+90][-12] Let's get more promotion~~~

8.) [+89][-12] Please open your treasure box more often 

9.) [+86][-13] The staff are also working hard...during Chuseok

10.) [+68][-9] Yes!  I really liked 'Whistle' and 'Boombayah'.  Not a Blackpink fan but probably will end up becoming one

11.) [+74][-12] Wow, is Hyun Suk's treasure box finally being properly opened

12.) [+50][-4] It was a shame that their promotions were short...but they're coming back quickly...I look forward to it

13.) [+55][-6] Let's not bring in other artists in this very rare and beautiful(?) article...we're lucky to be even getting Blackpink from the treasure box

14.) [+62][-9] Please keep your treasure box open.  And I look forward to the new songs!

15.) [+43][-3] They're still 6th on Melon, they're ranking for pretty long

16.) [+52][-7] Jisoo noona is pretty 

17.) [+42][-4] I want to see them promoting more 

18.) [+47][-6] So that means Blackpink will be promoting after Sechskies.  And they had a lot of photoshoots this time, so I'm hoping that the album will be released with the new songs as well

19.) [+33][-2] Yes~~~~ Blackpink!!!!!

20.) [+30][-1] Oooo this is a surprise.  Please come out on variety shows and radio as well 

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