YG second member of new girl group Lisa revealed exotic visual

Title: YG second member of new girl group Lisa revealed exotic visual

Source: Naver

Date Posted: June 2016

YG, second member of new girl group Lisa revealed 'exotic visual'

YGEntertainment revealed the teaser images of the 2nd member of their new girl group.

On 8th June @10.00AM YG posted 7 teaser pictures titled "NEW GIRL GROUP - MEMBER #2 : LISA" through YG's official blog (http://www.yg-life.com ). Lisa possessed a different feel of 'Girl Crush' by showing Charisma, Chic, Sexy charm etc different from Jennie who was revealed last week

Lisa is a talented Thailand-born member who has been trained in YG for 5 years. Also, she carries Thailand, Korean, English and Japanese skills told as global talent.

Moreover, Lisa always had interest in dancing since she was active in a dance crew in her childhood days, also shown in a dance video which was uploaded through YG's official blog on 2012.

Meanwhile, the fact that YG's main producer 'Teddy' will be producing YG's girlgroup debut song has gathered a lot of expectation. Other members, the team name, and other things to be revealed in the future.


[+5245,-83] How many members will it be fo real.. he said members will be revealed once a week but next month they will debut

[+453,-12] Do you think revealing one by one member is an amazing thing just debut them asap!! Auhh, I am so frustated

[+361,-12] Indeed exotic since she is a foreigner

[+299,-4] Exotic.. as a Korean, I saw her, she is really foreigner

[+295,-6] So she was still there.. wasn't she the person who was also revealed a few years ago? Wah she must have waited for a long time

[+207,-9] So how long is he planning to reveal the members slowly, one by one like this. But at least it will be good if they have good singing skill and good performance

[+113,-8] Just look at her, she must be in charge of dance amongst team members!! Somehow it looks like her dance will be powerful

[+71,0] So, a Thailand native.. she looks so exotic or she just looks like Korean

[+157,-29] Indeed she is very YG, charming girl looking forward to her since YG said she is good at dancing

[+84,-5] Wah but she is really skinny

[+68,3] Trained for 5years~8years in average and is said that none of them are a blackhole in terms of skills, if only the rest of the members' visuals are good, then they will be really successful

[+60,-7] TWICE fans will be rooting for YG http://girlgroup.Kim   Jisoo, Kim Jennie, Jihyo and Nayeon are close 

[+34,-6] Her body is nice... look at her legs;

[+40,-9] Everyone looks like a model

[+33,-7] Uwaang, look at her legs, really jealous

YG new girl group second member Lisa has been revealed

Title: [OSEN] YG new girl group second member Lisa has been revealed

Source: Nate

Date Posted: June 2016

Following first member Jennie, second member Lisa who has been revealed through YG official blog on 8th June 10:00AM, gained attention. Lisa, who's 19 years old this year, is said to be a talented member who has been through harsh training for 5 years in YG.

Lisa especially has a charismatic atmosphere and eye-catching figure on her profile photos. In model point of view, she's got a tough body, with sexiness putting out the mysterious atmosphere at the same time. Also, following Jennie, her appearance already gained recognition.

Lisa is a talented Thailand native who has been through trainee life in YG for 5 years. She's said to be a global talent, who is capable of speaking in Korean, English and Japanese beside Thai language. Considered as full-skilled trainee who trained in YG for five years, she garnered attention. A talented girl who has been shown off with sporty atmosphere and doll-like appearance has increased the expectation. 

YG revealed YG new girl group member Jennie last week and gained a lot of interest. YG has started the preparation in order to reach a goal to debut new girl group in this year's July.

[+722,-28] I also expect this but when will they debut exactly? I have waited since highschool, now I have graduated from university

[+455,-20] Will they really debut?

[+400,-18] Why don't YG reveal them all at once

[+7,-6] Wah I expect good activities later~

[+4,-4] It is fascinating for YG to have a foreign member

[+3,-3] Just post new photo instead of photo that had been posted kekeke really pretty, reeeally pretty

[+3,0] Wherever she belongs whether it is Thailand or South East Asia, somehow she looks like she has a good singing skill

YG Trainee Park Chaeyoung

Title: YG Trainee Park Chaeyoung
Source: Nate

Date Posted: July 2014

[+20,-0] Seems like her skill is on Kim Bumsoo's level (Kim Bumsoo is a famous Korean ballad singer)
[+16,-2] Why are so many YG trainees coming out? It must be media play
[+1,-1] She is the one who was featured in G-Dragon's "결국" (Without You) Keke she got cast at Melbourne, Australia. She is a nice person, so slim, and also so pretty back in Australia (attached the link which is no longer available anymore)
[+3,-1] She has a good singer vibe
[+1,0] On this shot, I thought she was Baek Yerin
[+5,-2] Her eyes, her nose is moderately fit rounded, and so pretty when she smiles. Her chin is also attractively charming. [+2,-1] Are they really allowed to hangout like this with half-sleeved T-shirt on? Kekeke she looks like Yang-sajangnim
[+4,0] Is she good at rap? Do we have to call her the 2nd Generation CL? ㅇㅅㅇ
[+2,0] So it is about her time to be promoted then, since we've been seeing her pretty much lately
[+2,0] Looks like Baek Yerin
[+5,-5] She looks attractive

YG new girl group member's photo revealed

Article: YG new girl group member's photo revealed

Source: Instiz

Date Posted: December 2015

Half-Thai, 97-Liner Lalisa (This is a translation for the original article, but please take note that Lisa is pure Thai.)

Appointed as a Model for YG's new clothing brand NONA9ON

1. Prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
2. First foreigner member at YG then
3. Oh, a foreigner member
4. She is the first foreigner member at YG, isn't she?
5. Lisa-yahㅜㅡㅜ
6. When will you come out ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
7. Finally, it's outㅠㅠㅠㅠThese people are pitiful.. People said they were actually supposed to come out even before Winner did
8. Looks like Shannon
9. Looks like it had been a few years already since she was revealed kekekekeke still not mentioning about debut kekeke
10. Wah, the eyes are a King bell
11. Wah... looks like a doll
12. How to read that brand name? Nonagu-on?
13. Wah really pretty
14. Wah
15. But I heard that she is excellent in dancing
16. Wah a foreign member..!
17. Heol she is pretty
18. Kim Sohyun feels
19. Pretty...
20. Half-Thai? I thought she is 100% Thai
21. Heol, the eyes look like my English teacher's..
22. Oh.. The first foreigner member, isn't she?
23. Her face looks different with the first revealed photo, I guess
24. Pretty ㅠㅠㅠ
25. Is this person the one in that "Turn Up The Music"? Isn't she her?
26. Eng, she came just for YG, they said
27. The look that Yang-sajang likes
28. Oh pretty..
29. Really, when will YG New Girl Group come out... Confirmed members are only 3 people....
30. When will Pink Punk debut? ㅠㅠ
31. Ohhh, pretty
32. It is Bambam's friend!
33. Wah, even before debut was already appointed as Model owowow
(The other comments are just saying that Liz is pretty! Of course she is pretty indeed.)
35. Even before WIN started, people said that they will debut.... Next year you guys must be outㅠㅠ (debut)
36. Really, when will they come outㅠㅜㅜ A few years ago, YG said rookie girl group will debut, but only the pictures were out. This year, even iKON debuted already and right after this there is still no demand for debut.... (Meaning: no updates about their debut even after iKON debut)
37. Lalisa.... Since when was she revealed? Meanwhile debut is still... You should have just opened this jewelry box, sajang
38. Wahh... Nose stands so upright, so jealousㅠㅠ
39. Eyes are really big
40. Let's just see next year...
41. It had been 100 years since Lalisa was revealed, though... When will she place on me
42. Hehe her face is amazing
43. Wah this atmosphere.. Meanwhile there is only crisis on my face.. (the netizen was playing with his/her words)
44. I think the rumor that she already left because she cannot improve her Korean is not true
45. Just debut Pink Punk please
46. Since she is a half, I think we cannot say that she is a foreigner
47. But Nona9on is really expensive
48. Foreigner member... wah really pretty!
49. The atmosphere is amazing
50. When will YG's new girl group debut for real?
51. Lalisa, Jennie Kim and Kim Jisoo, when will they come out ㅠㅠㅠ
52. Namjoo (Apink) + Shannon feels
53. Send my regards to Hyunsukie, that I am waiting him to opening his jewelry box too..8ㅅ8
54. Hyunsuk-ssi, when will YG new girl group debut?
55. Wah, the face is crisp (the netizen is trying to say she has a refreshing face)
56. Wah really, she is too pretty, really
57. Whenever we are talking about YG new girl group, I am curious who was featured on G-Dragon's Without You.
58. So, when will YG new girl group debut?
59. Why does she have to be the same age as me..?ㅜ
60. She was leaving YG because of her lacking skills in Korean language? Ah, so it was just a rumor.
61. There is a rumor that Lisa is so pretty in real life.

YG rookie girl group teaser

Article: YG Rookie Girl Group 

Source: NATE

Wah~ finally after 7 years in YG!!! Rookie girl is going to debut!! Has YG finally decided to work hard now?

While some kind of atmosphere can be felt, it also has a mysterious feel!!!

I think I have seen Jennie on GD's stage.. wah~but her visual is no joke

Aren't you guys curious what kind of concept it would be??? Kinda tough unnie vibe
Am I the one who feels this is kinda unpredictable and vague?

Now that YG said that he will reveal members one by one every week, I am anticipating it


[+42,-8] That's right, please just let her debut quickly, why does Yang sajang always act like he alone always knows everything? Kekekekeke (knows about debut date)

[+42,-10] Please come out (to debut), I pity them, back then YG said to reveal members each week too but then suddenly disappeared. If I think about how long they have been under struggleㅡI hope they will be really successful

[+38,-17] This photo is pretty.. though she is YG style, her appearance has a charm! Appearance, singing skill, rap, dance, and also being able to speak in 4 languages, if she's at this level then she's really daebak (amazing)

[+1,-1] If this photo and Jennie in real life look the same, then this time YG new girl group will extensively have daebak days (means they are going to be successful) since YG is about skill after all (means they will be a big hit since they are expected to both have visuals and skills)

[+1,-2] YG said that he has been concentrating in visuals for this girl group, now it looks like he really does

[+12,-1] Please just debut quickly because it has currently caused dizziness (confusion)
[+13,0] Personally when I see this teaser she kinda looks like Son Naeun with more chic style, if not then forget it

[+19,-1] I hope YG will focus his attention to this girls' outfits, I hope he will let them wear pretty outfits as the girls are pretty too
[+11,-2] She looks pretty with different color... she makes me want to look at her repeatedly? She has charm
[+11-5] She is indeed pretty but rather than calling her pretty, I think she has charm
[+12,-4] I personally like the girl crush angle

[+18,-1] Kinda has YG aura

[+13,-2] As the teasers come out, make-up gap goes visible...she can be sexy, also can be innocent.. curious about the rest of the members

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