YG Trainee Park Chaeyoung

Title: YG Trainee Park Chaeyoung
Source: Nate

Date Posted: July 2014

[+20,-0] Seems like her skill is on Kim Bumsoo's level (Kim Bumsoo is a famous Korean ballad singer)
[+16,-2] Why are so many YG trainees coming out? It must be media play
[+1,-1] She is the one who was featured in G-Dragon's "결국" (Without You) Keke she got cast at Melbourne, Australia. She is a nice person, so slim, and also so pretty back in Australia (attached the link which is no longer available anymore)
[+3,-1] She has a good singer vibe
[+1,0] On this shot, I thought she was Baek Yerin
[+5,-2] Her eyes, her nose is moderately fit rounded, and so pretty when she smiles. Her chin is also attractively charming. [+2,-1] Are they really allowed to hangout like this with half-sleeved T-shirt on? Kekeke she looks like Yang-sajangnim
[+4,0] Is she good at rap? Do we have to call her the 2nd Generation CL? ㅇㅅㅇ
[+2,0] So it is about her time to be promoted then, since we've been seeing her pretty much lately
[+2,0] Looks like Baek Yerin
[+5,-5] She looks attractive


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