YG new girl group second member Lisa has been revealed

Title: [OSEN] YG new girl group second member Lisa has been revealed

Source: Nate

Date Posted: June 2016

Following first member Jennie, second member Lisa who has been revealed through YG official blog on 8th June 10:00AM, gained attention. Lisa, who's 19 years old this year, is said to be a talented member who has been through harsh training for 5 years in YG.

Lisa especially has a charismatic atmosphere and eye-catching figure on her profile photos. In model point of view, she's got a tough body, with sexiness putting out the mysterious atmosphere at the same time. Also, following Jennie, her appearance already gained recognition.

Lisa is a talented Thailand native who has been through trainee life in YG for 5 years. She's said to be a global talent, who is capable of speaking in Korean, English and Japanese beside Thai language. Considered as full-skilled trainee who trained in YG for five years, she garnered attention. A talented girl who has been shown off with sporty atmosphere and doll-like appearance has increased the expectation. 

YG revealed YG new girl group member Jennie last week and gained a lot of interest. YG has started the preparation in order to reach a goal to debut new girl group in this year's July.

[+722,-28] I also expect this but when will they debut exactly? I have waited since highschool, now I have graduated from university

[+455,-20] Will they really debut?

[+400,-18] Why don't YG reveal them all at once

[+7,-6] Wah I expect good activities later~

[+4,-4] It is fascinating for YG to have a foreign member

[+3,-3] Just post new photo instead of photo that had been posted kekeke really pretty, reeeally pretty

[+3,0] Wherever she belongs whether it is Thailand or South East Asia, somehow she looks like she has a good singing skill


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