YG second member of new girl group Lisa revealed exotic visual

Title: YG second member of new girl group Lisa revealed exotic visual

Source: Naver

Date Posted: June 2016

YG, second member of new girl group Lisa revealed 'exotic visual'

YGEntertainment revealed the teaser images of the 2nd member of their new girl group.

On 8th June @10.00AM YG posted 7 teaser pictures titled "NEW GIRL GROUP - MEMBER #2 : LISA" through YG's official blog (http://www.yg-life.com ). Lisa possessed a different feel of 'Girl Crush' by showing Charisma, Chic, Sexy charm etc different from Jennie who was revealed last week

Lisa is a talented Thailand-born member who has been trained in YG for 5 years. Also, she carries Thailand, Korean, English and Japanese skills told as global talent.

Moreover, Lisa always had interest in dancing since she was active in a dance crew in her childhood days, also shown in a dance video which was uploaded through YG's official blog on 2012.

Meanwhile, the fact that YG's main producer 'Teddy' will be producing YG's girlgroup debut song has gathered a lot of expectation. Other members, the team name, and other things to be revealed in the future.


[+5245,-83] How many members will it be fo real.. he said members will be revealed once a week but next month they will debut

[+453,-12] Do you think revealing one by one member is an amazing thing just debut them asap!! Auhh, I am so frustated

[+361,-12] Indeed exotic since she is a foreigner

[+299,-4] Exotic.. as a Korean, I saw her, she is really foreigner

[+295,-6] So she was still there.. wasn't she the person who was also revealed a few years ago? Wah she must have waited for a long time

[+207,-9] So how long is he planning to reveal the members slowly, one by one like this. But at least it will be good if they have good singing skill and good performance

[+113,-8] Just look at her, she must be in charge of dance amongst team members!! Somehow it looks like her dance will be powerful

[+71,0] So, a Thailand native.. she looks so exotic or she just looks like Korean

[+157,-29] Indeed she is very YG, charming girl looking forward to her since YG said she is good at dancing

[+84,-5] Wah but she is really skinny

[+68,3] Trained for 5years~8years in average and is said that none of them are a blackhole in terms of skills, if only the rest of the members' visuals are good, then they will be really successful

[+60,-7] TWICE fans will be rooting for YG http://girlgroup.Kim   Jisoo, Kim Jennie, Jihyo and Nayeon are close 

[+34,-6] Her body is nice... look at her legs;

[+40,-9] Everyone looks like a model

[+33,-7] Uwaang, look at her legs, really jealous


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