Title: "Falling into her gaze"...Blackpink Jennie, alluring aura [photoshoot]

Source: Naver

Date posted: September 28, 2017


1.) [+3087][-181] Her aura really stands out...even as a girl, I feel as though she's got this charm that really pulls you in

2.) [+2182][-136] Whenever I see her photoshoots, she really feels like a model.  I like how she doesn't have basic looking visuals!  Kim Jennie is so charming

3.) [+1863][-163] Wow, an alluring this for real?

4.) [+1391][-121] Definitely a master of photoshoots; her aura is amazing

5.) [+1177][-105] Jennie is so pretty

6.) [+282][-37] Personally, out of all the recent idols, she stand out the most

7.) [+231][-25] If she's already giving off such an aura at a young age, I feel like she'll get even prettier as she gets older.  Jennie is so charming

8.) [+238][-31] To have her be a singer only seems like such a waste...her charms..

9.) [+199][-24] She seems like very charmingly individualistic model here

10.) [+213][-36] Makes me speechless...her aura alone is the best among the girl groups

11.) [+157][-20] She's definitely meant to be a celebrity.  She's charming; leaves you in a trance

12.) [+169][-25] Her aura is definitely the best

13.) [+165][-27] Jennie is a photoshoot master.  Look at her aura; that's crazy

14.) [+143][-20] Her visuals make you want to keep searching her up.  You can't get enough of her visuals because she's charmingly pretty so I feel she'll go far ㅎㅎ

15.) [+114][-16] "Black to the pink, I'm special wherever I go"

16.) [+123][-20] Blackpink are all pretty and overflowing with their individual charms~~  And their songs are good as well

17.) [+113][-19] Charming Jennie

18.) [+87][-11] I saw her in person and her skin looks luxurious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

19.) [+93][-20] I personally like the second and last photo the most

20.) [+35][-2] She's pretty and charming~~

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