Don't you like any part from Blackpink's whistle?

Title: Knetz discussed about their favorite part in BLACKPINK's whistle. Don't you like any part from Blackpink's whistle? 

Source: Pann

Date posted: September 2016

cr. isndini

[+43,0] I like whistle but there's a whispering part at the beginning of BOOMBAYAH? 
 From black  pink your the area until Jennie's rap "i am jennie" it's seriously great   

[+43, 0] I like the part "이대로 지나치지마요" (don't pass me by) 

[+4, 0] For me it's "don't say anything just WHISTLE in my heart". When i listened it for the first time, it was so great 

I think the best part was when Jisoo said "hey boy"

[+2,0] I like the part when lisa rap " 그만 내빼 넘어와라 내게 boy
이젠 checkmate
게임은 내가 win "(Stop hesitating, come over to me
Boy, it’s checkmate now
I win this game) 

[+2,0] I like it the most when they did hui~~~ param . That's the best 

[+2,0] I just like every part of it 

[+12,-15] The song it's like the past song.. for me. It's like 2ne1 

[+2,0] I like jennie's voice. When i first heard her doing featuring. I think her voice is the best 

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