'Inkigayo' BLACKPINK's first #1 after debut/ BLACKPINK Writes New History by Taking #1 on Inkigayo

Title: 'Inkigayo' BLACKPINK's first #1 after debut

Source: Naver

Date Posted: August 2016

[SportChosun.com] YG Entertainment rookie girl group BLACKPINK won #1 place on SBS Inkigayo
BLACKPINK grabbed their first win with their debut song 'WHISTLE' right after debut on Aug 21st at SBS Inkigayo, beating I.O.I. BLACKPINK showed their gratitude and thankfulness towards YG, family, staff and also their fans. On last Aug 14th, BLACKPINK's first debut stage was unveiled through the same broadcasting program SBS 'Inkigayo', dominating portal sites as 'Hot Topic'. In particular, 'WHISTLE' dominates seven major Korean music sites as #1 on real-time charts from the first day of launching until this time.

[+383,-72] Does YG have an archery player there? They took both gold and bronze medals~ [T/N: Whistle ranked 1st (gold) while Boombayah ranked third (bronze)~]
[+289,-50] Though I love EXO the most, I fell in love with girl crush BLACKPINK by watching their stage. I know that VIXX is very charming, and I also cheer for I.O.I so much since Produce 101. Personally, I feel so happy with the nominees themselves. Congratulations to BLACKPINK for winning today, please keep in mind that not many EXO fans are saying bad things about you, it's just because if someone is cursing about other groups, they always think that it must be an EXO-L. Anyway BLACKPINK congrats for your 1st place and indeed EXO has a very cool performance today.
[+361,-116] BLACKPINK congrats for your #1!
[+304,-65] BLACKPINK congrats for your winning today.. even though my IOI did not perform today.
[+50,-17] Since today is EXO first comeback stage of course they can't be the nominees right away, BLACKPINK girls congrats~~
[+50,-12] I am an EXO-L but I've never, not even once, cursed at you. Do not think that the ones cursing a lot in articles are EXO-Ls. BLACKPINK, congrats for being #1, WHISTLE is really a good song.
[+34,-9] In this kind of article we must congratulate them only kekeke~ Don't fight in BLACKPINK's article kekeke BLACKPINK, congrats for your first win, today EXO is very cool as well!
[+24,-11] Since it's BLACKPINK's first win, we must congratulate them~

Title: BLACKPINK Writes New History by Taking No.1 on Inkigayo

Source: Naver

Date posted:  August 2016


[+11,461,-799] BLACKPINK got all-kill on various music sites, yet having only 1 schedule for Inkigayo within 2 weeks after debut

[+5,916,-1230] BLACKPINK congrats for your 1st win, hope to see you on other music shows

[+615,-96] Pang paraparapara pangpang

[+581,-75] Am I the only one who wants them to appear on Weekly Idol?

[+129,-12] Since they're from a big 3 company, they're different

[+120,25] BLACKPINK fighting! Goddess Jisoo <3<3

[+75,-6 ] Rose is really cool, attractive and has an enchanting voice and style also with her powerful dancing skill.

[+67,-13] I cheer for BLACKPINK! Fighting!!!

[+43,5] Have no choice but acknowledge YG, Their singers are continuously proficient.

[+41,-5] To join YG you gotta have skills kekekeke

[+21,-2] As expected from the best female group

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