YG's new girl group has 4 members for their final lineup, official name BLACKPINK

Article: YG's new girl group has 4 members for their final lineup, official name BLACKPINK

Source: Naver

Date posted:  June 2016


[+11966,-488] Thats right, it's reasonable going with 4 members only rather than debuting more than 4 members without knowing anything about them.

[+10117,-872] 100x better than gugudan

[+6789,-487] each member possesses different charms, and I like that they have few members, it seems refreshing

[+4629,-384] I am anticipating!.... I like 4 members.

[+1047,-62] 4 members is good, but revealing those 4 members basically wasted a month already though

[+1192,-117]  these days big girl groups like Dia Gugudan, twice, red velvet  cannot be guaranteed to be only successful from the hype their company tries to get them but YG seems good at creating hype

[+760,-55] BLACKPINK? so does that mean that there will be a unit, black: 2 members and pink: also 2 members  and promote at the same time?

[+786,-78] Finally YG group is out and since Teddy is producing this group I expect a Hiphop concept more than an innocent concept.

[+710,-68] They are just new rookies though, but I like their attitude

[+459,-53] 4 members is about right YG makes his groups really well

[+383,-67] I think they will really succeed, YG's representative girl group

BLACKPINK profile photos that were published just now

Article:  BLACKPINK profile photos that were published just now

Source: Instiz

Date posted: June 2016

- their name..

- aa everyone is pretty, really ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ jisooyah ㅠㅠㅜ

- 4members....!

- heolll, girl crush!

- heoll so its 4 people not as PinkPunk but BlackPinkㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

- blackpink has a fierce aura like 2ne1 while being innocent and having similar skills like bigbang..girl groups nowadays have too much member I feel dizzy, so it's nice having 4 members

- huyuuuㅠㅠㅠㅠ they are amazing

- indeed YG, different from the concept and from others

- wahhh I expect more from these 4 girls

- wahhh girlcrushㅠㅠㅠ indeed from YGㅠㅠ goddess level visuals

-kinda YG's vibe kekekeke

- Ohhh I like it when there aren't too many members... Somehow so pretty and it seems like they're girls whose aura shouldn't be taken lightly... Pretty

- I found the group I'll have an obsession with

- why do I feel they will sell a black and white version when they'll debut?

- prettyyy

- real girl crushhh!

YG's new girl group consists of 4 members and their name is BLACKPINK

ArticleYG's new girl group consists of 4 members and their name is BLACKPINK 

Source: Naver

Date posted: June 2016

YG's new girl group consists of 4 members and their name is BLACKPINK. 

One of the largest agencies YG entertainment, will release a new girl group after 7 years since 2NE1, their name is BLACKPINK and the final members are the ones who already have been revealed. 

This morning on the 29th, YG announced 96' liner Jennie, 19yo Thailand-born Lisa, 95' liner Jisoo, and Korean and 97' liner, who was raised in Australia 'Rose'. So far, 4 members in total have been revealed as the members for the new girl group called BLACKPINK. 

YG's side: "Black pink are the most beautiful colors, which are represented with a slightly different meaning, it's not only about pretty things, but a combination of both looks and skills"

YG senior official said:"Originally, 9 members were supposed to be the number of members to represent the group two years ago, but suddenly the plans changed by sending 4 members first" adding:"You cannot know what exactly YG will do, but the remaining five trainees are still practicing in YG. The company wanted to release BLACKPINK first in advance"

YG side: "We trust BLACKPINK's production to main producer Teddy since he has been in charge of composing and producing BLACKPINK's songs for the past two years. Debut album is already finished.

YG, in order to make BlackPink's debut successful, they assigned 4 famous foreign choreographers for their debut as they have already reached the final stage of debut preparation


[+195,-5] So he will do another Winner and iKON situation? fanwar? heolll kekeke

[+95,-4] Their sister group  will debut in another 5years then

[+86,-7] It's not only about pretty face in YG

[+89,-11] So, its 4members in the end

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