YG rookie girl group teaser

Article: YG Rookie Girl Group 

Source: NATE

Wah~ finally after 7 years in YG!!! Rookie girl is going to debut!! Has YG finally decided to work hard now?

While some kind of atmosphere can be felt, it also has a mysterious feel!!!

I think I have seen Jennie on GD's stage.. wah~but her visual is no joke

Aren't you guys curious what kind of concept it would be??? Kinda tough unnie vibe
Am I the one who feels this is kinda unpredictable and vague?

Now that YG said that he will reveal members one by one every week, I am anticipating it


[+42,-8] That's right, please just let her debut quickly, why does Yang sajang always act like he alone always knows everything? Kekekekeke (knows about debut date)

[+42,-10] Please come out (to debut), I pity them, back then YG said to reveal members each week too but then suddenly disappeared. If I think about how long they have been under struggleㅡI hope they will be really successful

[+38,-17] This photo is pretty.. though she is YG style, her appearance has a charm! Appearance, singing skill, rap, dance, and also being able to speak in 4 languages, if she's at this level then she's really daebak (amazing)

[+1,-1] If this photo and Jennie in real life look the same, then this time YG new girl group will extensively have daebak days (means they are going to be successful) since YG is about skill after all (means they will be a big hit since they are expected to both have visuals and skills)

[+1,-2] YG said that he has been concentrating in visuals for this girl group, now it looks like he really does

[+12,-1] Please just debut quickly because it has currently caused dizziness (confusion)
[+13,0] Personally when I see this teaser she kinda looks like Son Naeun with more chic style, if not then forget it

[+19,-1] I hope YG will focus his attention to this girls' outfits, I hope he will let them wear pretty outfits as the girls are pretty too
[+11,-2] She looks pretty with different color... she makes me want to look at her repeatedly? She has charm
[+11-5] She is indeed pretty but rather than calling her pretty, I think she has charm
[+12,-4] I personally like the girl crush angle

[+18,-1] Kinda has YG aura

[+13,-2] As the teasers come out, make-up gap goes visible...she can be sexy, also can be innocent.. curious about the rest of the members


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