YG Reveals 3rd Member of New Girl Group to Be Jisoo

Article: YGNGG 3rd Member Revealed to be Jisoo...Angel-like Beauty

Source: Naver 

Date posted: June 2016


[+1268, -49] She gives off a Sandara vibe

[+856, -62] Sandara + Tang Wei. She's super super pretty. I looked forward to Jisoo the most!

[+666, -50] Pretty...pretty...

[+511, -40] I can see some Sandara in her~~

[+401, -28] Isn't she the one that came out in the handphone CF?

[+70, -5] She has a younger Tang Wei feel ㅎㅎ

[+79, -9] She fits both innocent and sexy

[+67, -6] Jisoo do well, I'm waiting for you


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