Third member of YG new girl group revealed

Article:  Third member of YG new girl group revealed

Source: Nate

Date posted: June 2016


Finally YG has revealed the 3rd member of YG new girl group, eagerly waiting once a week just for  this, so curious. She kinda has a strong, clean image?

 Even though she has strong makeup, rather than being tough, she gives an innocent vibe.

Jisoo is really pretty  

What kind of concept will it be exactly? they already have a great aura

Somehow style that is liked by men, if she debuts her popularity will be no joke.

She is really pretty, said to being in charge of visual


[+141,-2] Doesn’t she look like Jewelry Yewon? A bit Sandara feels. 

[+50,-12] So crazily pretty, her female fans will be no joke either.

[+39,-14] originally a YG fan, she's jaw dropping already.

[+12,-3] Also saw a little of Tang Wei in her, so pretty.

[+7,-1] Kim Jisoo is indeed really pretty, she already filmed various CF's too, at first when I saw her on a Commercial with Lee Minho she looked really pretty, I thought she was a rookie actress, she has a face that reminds me of Eugene, Kim Wookbin and Tang Wei.


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