Title: 'So Hot' whenever they appear...Blackpink, rising as YT Queens

Source: Naver

Date posted: December 26, 2017


1.) [+411][-18] As long as Hyum Suk doesn't keep them hidden, they do well.  Yang Hyum Suk...does 'M9' have to flop in order for you to come to your senses.  Blackpink still doesn't have an album...the girls have said they've recorded numerous songs on several occasions...YG, are you just going to listen to it by yourself.

2.) [+332][-20] Whether visuals or skills, they're number 1~~^^

3.) [+290][-14] Blackpink is the bests

4.) [+214][-11] It's 2 million, not 20 million...although that's amazing as well ㅋㅋㅋ

5.) [+82][-7] Blackpink always gets some of the highest views.  Blackpink hwaiting.  You're the best.  

6.) [+79][-4] I was surprised when I saw the view count!! :-)  Blackpink~~ But it was a shame that the fan cheers sounded so small compared to the other fandoms.  And other fandoms didn't really bother shaking their lightsticks as well...our country really can't watch others succeed...

7.) [+77][-6] As expected of Blackpink, who shines the most on stage!!!

8.) [+71][-7] Honestly, have we ever had a group with this kind of visual and talent?  A group that doesn't look cheap but classy and modern and sexy and cute at the same time

9.) [+69][-5] The best

10.) [+67][-6] As expected


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