Title: "Goddess aura"....Blackpink Rosé, a photoshoot-like daily life

Source: Naver

Date posted: July 13, 2017


1.) [+164][-1] Chaeng, who gets prettier each time we see her~~~~

2.) [+143][-1] I think she was blessed with good genes, so she's the type to get prettier as she gets older

3.) [+133][-1] Wow Chaeng is so pretty.  She's well mannered, innocent, pretty and a bit sexy as well

4.) [+122][-1] Our innocent Chaeng is always so mindful of others

5.) [+121][-2] The last picture has a 'Jennie feel' to it.  I hope they do well in Japan too.  I hope they don't stay too long in Japan and film a lot of things here before they go.

6.) [+67][-1] Honestly, Rosé's vocal tone really stands out...I hope she continues to grow as an even better singer!!!

7.) [+64][-0] Singing, dancing, visuals and body....just what is it that you lack, Chaeyoung?

8.) [+58][-0] She's really a goddess with bangs

9.) [+58][-0] She's so pretty

10.) [+60][-1] My favorite voice


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