Title: [Music Talk] The path that Blackpink walks is the path of new kpop records

Source: Naver

Date posted: July 11, 2017


1.) [+176][-14] There's also the fact that Blackpink ranked 13th on Billboard Bubbling Chart

2.) [+147][-12] Let's walk only the flower path, Blackpink

3.) [+136][-10] As a stan, it's easy to see just how popular they are among international fans

4.) [+131][-11] Blackpink is 'ing' (***implying that they're "happening currently...moving forward***)

5.) [+139][-14] They're not even a year old but their records are a wall~  Really looking forward to their future!!

6.) [+52][-1] The real twist is their personalities.  The difference between their visuals and personalities is charming

7.) [+47][-2] They're on another level.  Honestly, YG really can't media play well; they should be pushing for these kinds of articles to be posted on the main page.  There are other groups constantly media playing about ranking in a random Chinese chart but there was barely anything for when Blackpink came in 1st on one of China's biggest music portal, QQ or for when they ranked 16th on itunes or when they ranked on Billboard's Hot 100...*sigh*

8.) [+52][-4] I really like Blackpink

9.) [+41][-1] Blackpink is like an onion; they have so many different layers.  On stage, they're charismatic and off stage, they're like kids

10.) [+39][-1] Full of pride as a Blink


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