Title: [Music Talk] Blackpink, 4 MVs with 100+ million views within a year of debut....'How far will they go'

Source: Naver

Date posted: July 10, 2017


1.) [+102][-2] How far will they go?  I feel like they'll be the first kpop girl group to rank on the Billboard chart ㅎㅎ

2.) [+83][-0] Pride of Blinks

3.) [+76][-0] Relentlessly pushing forward...they've come this far despite the competition....hopefully YG will manage this group well..give us 'Square 3' and 'Blackpink TV' in the last quarter

4.) [+75][-0] A classy girl group

5.) [+68][-0] Blackpink in your area

6.) [+44][-0] If they had a reality show and gathered more fans, everything would be perfect.  That being said, 'Blackpink TV', please...

7.) [+43][-0] Watching their clips, it's no wonder they're getting more popular

8.) [+40][-0] It's amazing what they've accomplished in 10 months, especially considering they're relatively not as well known

9.) [+38][-0] It's an expected result, considering the fact that they're pretty and can sing well.  YG, hurry up and give us 'BP TV'...are you seriously going to keep holding out?  Hopefully the next time they come back, it'll be with an album and a fan light stick ㅠ

10.) [+37][-0] They have the potential to become internationally popular.  They really have that 'star power' and are a well prepared team...especially Jennie, as she can speak English and Japanese well..well prepared for a global market


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