Title: [M+Inteview] Blackpink, "As YG's only girl group, we don't want to disappoint"

Source: Naver

Date posted: July 4, 2017


1.) [+269][-23] I think it'd be the most difficult for YG artists to overcome the shadow of their sunbae groups...because whatever they do, they'll always be compared to's especially worse when it comes to won't be easy as 2NE1 was a very influential group....

2.) [+228][-18] One thing is for certain, with this comeback there have been a big increase of fans with inferiority complexes against the group.  They have a good digital score and they're blowing up overseas.  It's the first time I've seen a group called 'flops' because they're ranked #3~4 on Melon.  Fans of other groups, just be more honest and say you're jealous.  It's ridiculous how much we're looked down on for having a relatively smaller fandom.

3.) [+179][-18] I don't know about Korea, but the response overseas is anything but fail

4.) [+155][-13] Blackpink must be under a lot of pressure, but the same goes for Winner and iKon...Blackpink needs to compete with the now disbanded 2NE1 and the success they had up until this point but Winner and iKon have to compete with the enormous influence built up by Bigbang for 12+ years; not to mention, their solo works do just as well as most groups out there.  YG's older generation groups were just really strong and have been so successful that the newer groups just seem "weaker" compared to them

5.) [+56][-3] Blackpink, let's go for 10, 20 years

6.) [+54][-4] Blackpink is doing well so we can just toss antis' words like trash

7.) [+53][-4] You're doing well~ Come out on TV more~~

8.) [+47][-2] Winner, iKon and Blackpink are all doing well but because their sunbaes are just that amazing...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But because they have such amazing sunbaes, the bar is set high so even following in their footsteps will take them far and one day they'll be at a place they're satisfied with.  Hwaiting

9.) [+49][-3] People that want to start sht have shown up again.  Seriously, they just hop around celebrity articles and probably need to see a doctor.  Do you even make sure to eat.....I find people like them so pathetic ㅎㅎ

10.) [+51][-4] Blackpink is the best


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