Title: Blackpink, as it was with YG's first girl group

Source: Naver

Date posted: June 28, 2017


1.) [+779][-88] All four of them are visuals and their average looks are one of the best

2.) [+576][-52] I agree with 'As if it's your last' having that 2NE1 "sauce" while going for a more public friendly image with Blackpink.  But that's why this isn't part of their 'Square' series and is promoted as a summer song....much like a side story of some sci-fi novel...and I think that that point of view deserves attention as well.  Just like 2NE1 released a light summer song, 'Falling in love' before coming back with their fierce 'Crush' album, don't you think that Blackpink will also complete their 'Square' series with a more intense 'Black' and 'Pink' color?

3.) [+486][-44] It's an attempt to have a more public friendly image; like a seasonal break between their usual colors that are show in their 'Square' series.  Once they gain more public appeal, they'll be able to receive more love as they continue on with their usual colors through the 'Square' series, and I think that's a good promotional tactic.  They've made themselves more "approachable" while still maintaining some of their colors and I don't see anything wrong with that.  Especially considering how long the space between comebacks are for YG groups

4.) [+463][-57] They're a well made/prepared group.  They're all pretty and have the potential to be greater names, especially the multi-talented Jennie

5.) [+357][43] I simply just see them as a pretty and talented girl group.  YG definitely did well in preparing this group

6.) [+110][-8] They're a good girl group

7.) [+151][-22] They members are so individually charming and pretty~  And their songs are very addicting, let's continue to do well!!!!

8.) [+108][-8] I really like 'Boombayah'.  It's on repeat daily

9.) [+110][-9] All their visuals are great.  Their styles are so pretty, unique and modern looking.  And we don't even need to talk about how good their songs are.  Plus I like how they don't fake their cuteness, which is refreshing

10.) [+152][-26] All four of lack nothing; from visuals to aegyo to talent.  And other labels also have their junior and senior groups with similar sounds, so just stop.  I can only think that all these people just say whatever they want because YG is a popular label and they don't really sue anyone

11.) [+92][-6] Blackpink~~~~let's walk only the flower path

12.) [+139][-23] It's very plausible that a group from the same label can have similar colors...and remember that they're only 10 months old, so we should give them more time.  And 'As if it's your last' is a seasonal song for the fans to make up for how long we've been waiting, so quit with the breaking down of the song's success

13.) [+91][-7] Blackpink is love

14.) [+82][-5] They're one of the rare girl groups who sing live for the festivals.  I can see how much YG dedicated to the creation of this group

15.) [+88][-8] Because the 'YG color' is so strong, it can't be helped that there are some parts that are similar...even 2NE1 was the called the female Bigbang.  Plus, Teddy is the producer for most songs, so it's inevitable that some similarities will be heard.  We shouldn't say to Teddy and YG, "Don't do this kind of concept anymore because we already had 2NE1", when it's really YG's color

16.) [+82][-6] The new song is upbeat and I like it

17.) [+117][-18] I really like you ㅋ

18.) [+85][-9] The way I see it is, this new girl group will naturally find its colors as time goes by, while still showing different sides to the group.  Blackpink, hwaiting!

19.) [+57][-2] I like Blackpink

20.) [+59][-3] I want to see Jisoo and Dara guest together on 'Battle Trip'.  


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