Title: [Music Talk] Blackpink, shoots up the Billboard social chart "ahead of Katy Perry'

Source: Naver

Date posted: June 30, 2017


1.) [+214][-12] I'm not a fan but not only are they visually pretty the way they talk makes you want to stan....even if they don't release music and upload random clips here and there, I feel they'd still get a lot of fans

2.) [+194][-10] First BTS and now Blackpink~~~kyaaa~

3.) [+189][-10] Daebak, ranked 15th

4.) [+173][-9] They're amazing and I'm proud of them

5.) [+161][-9] Hwaiting~~

6.) [+76][-1] Proud of Blackpink

7.) [+83][-4] With the quality of YG's music plus their visuals, it'd be strange if they weren't popular.  They have the potential to go further than their senior lablemates

8.) [+73][-2] They're the best, proud of them

9.) [+66][-0] They seem like tough characters in their MVs, but the reality is they're babies and I think that's why they're even more popular ㅋ Of course, their songs are good as well ㅎㅎㅎ ***goes on to sing the chorus of their songs*** Hwaiting our pretty kids~~!!^^

10.) [+64][-0] Why not post these kinds of articles on the main page ㅠㅠ  There have been an increase of fandoms who feel threatened by Blackpink with their latest comeback and have even been streaming another group's song as a result ㅋ 


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