Title:  I feel like Lisa really matches this concept well

Source: Pann

Date posted: June 17, 2018

Jisoo stood out during 'Whistle', Jennie looked really pretty in 'Boombayah' and Rosé's unique vocal color received a lot of attention during 'AIIYL'.  And now, for '4D', it seems to be the perfect concept for Lisa; she looks good in exotic(?) I the only one who thinks this way?


1.) [+62][-3] Jennie+Jisoo got a lot of attention for their visuals during their debut and now Lisa+Rosé seem to shine during this comeback.  This concept really suits them.  In conclusion, they're all pretty

2.) [+59][-0] I'm not a fan, but for this comeback, I didn't feel like one member stood out compared to the others.  Because my eyes get hooked during each of the members' parts

3.) [+52][-18] So pretty

4.) [+38][-4] I really like Rosé's voice throughout this album.  Listen to 'FY' ㅎ

5.) [+31][-0] They're all so pretty

6.) [+27][-4] I agree, Lisa is peaking

7.) [+25][-8] Park Chaeyoung's swag

8.) [+23][-0] Lisa is becoming more and more cool

9.) [+17][-0] Blackpink's stylists work hard but their makeup artists work hard as well.  They know what kind of look best suits the members

10.) [+16][-1] Jen-ddu du ddu du-ki


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