Title: Blackpink's aura during their press conference

Source: Pann

Date posted: June 18, 2018

It was a press conference for their comeback and wow, their auras are really amazing
They looked like the eldest daughters from households running large corporations

They're seriously a wall when it comes to luxurious vibes
Their classy aura is amazing

All of them look like daughters from wealthy households
How are they able to be so luxurious looking

When it comes to luxurious and modern vibes, they're the best
It was worth the wait

They're all so pretty and their aura blows me away
No matter how you look at it, they all look like they're from well to do homes

It looks like gathering of important people
They look like CEOs

A luxurious looking person next to another luxurious looking person

They're so pretty!!!!!!
Their new song is also daebak


1.) [+165][-5] It doesn't feel like a press conference but a Chanel event

2.) [+151][-17] The last photo of them sitting together looks like some business meeting between large corporations

3.) [+129][-5] Jisoo's aura is insane ㅎ

4.) [+50][-8] People say that Irene is the prettiest among this generation, but I think Jisoo is the wall

5.) [+42][-1] Jisoo's visuals is that of an actress

6.) [+39][-7] I like how Blackpink doesn't just stick to one image

7.) [+37][-3] They're like the female F4 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Jennie = Goo Joon Pyo, Jisoo =  Yoon Ji Hoo, Rosé = So Ee Jung, Lisa = Kim Joon

8.) [+31][-2] They're from well to do families in real life and they have good styling

9.) [+31][-2] It feels like a meeting of daughters from the top 1% families.  It's a bit cringe, but they look really amazing

10.) [+24][-5] I feel like Rosé is the prettiest this time ㅠㅠㅠ

11.) [+24][-4] They're all pretty but Jisoo looks the best

12.) [+24][-0] Rosé and Jennie are really pretty...they're pretty in a luxurious way.  They have this aura that isn't easily duplicated by others.  I find them to be the prettiest among girl groups

13.) [+21][-1] I think Jennie is important to Blackpink.  She sort of sets the image and color of the group

14.) [+21][-0] Jisoo looks amazing ㅠ She looks like an actress

15.) [+20][-0] Aren't the visuals of popular groups like Blackpink usually on another level?  It's a bit of a sad reality, but the nugu groups usually fall behind in that aspect

16.) [+19][-1] Just what don't they look good in.  The members are usually cute and girly but the minute they get on stage, girl crush

17.) [+17][-4] It looks like a meeting of successful young women ㅠ  They look so luxurious

18.) [+16][-1] Jisoo's visuals are crazy here.  She looks like a wealthy madam

19.) [+16][-0] I've always like Blackpink's songs but I definitely became a stan through this comeback

20.) [+13][-1] Wow...they're seriously daebak.  They're luxuriously pretty.  And their styling helps as well.  Their outfits look really pretty.


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