Title: Blackpink Jisoo's abs are amazing ㅎ

Source: Pann

Date posted: May 29, 2018

She must've exercised diligently
Watching the clips during the college festivals, you can see her abs come to life whenever she moves ㅎ

It's my first time seeing her wearing a crop top
I've seen other members wearing them, but there haven't been a lot of outfits that showed Jisoo's stomach

Just how much did you exercise during the hiatus
Even from afar, I can only see her abs

It's not that she's so skinny that you only see her bones,
but the lines of her abs are pretty well set ㅎ

It's seriously amazing
I'm blown away...she's so cool

To think that puppy-like JiChu has abs...
I'm not used to it, but she still feels cool

It's obvious that she did a lot of planking
ㅎ At this rate, she'll also bulk up her triceps

Jisoo, having this cool side, is surprising ㅎ


1.) [+80][-1] I heard that it's easier for slender people to make abs (*cries*)

2.) [+67][-2] All four of the members have abs

3.) [+39][-0] It looks really nicely toned and pretty

4.) [+27][-19] I personally think that Jisoo has the prettiest lines

5.) [+26][-1] I love you Jisoo

6.) [+17][-0] Jisoo's hips

7.) [+17][-0] I agree

8.) [+17][-1] Jisoo is really pretty

9.) [+17][-2] It's just that Jisoo has shown relatively less skin, but she's got a toned body

10.) [+14][-0] Even messy hair looks pretty on Jisoo...let's hit daebak with the comeback


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