Title: "Shocking blonde transformation"...Blackpink Jennie, individual poster for 'Kill this love' revealed

Source: Naver

Date posted: March 26, 2019


1.) [+111][-14] Hul, a blonde Jen was unexpected  Really looking forward to it.  'Kill this love', let's hit daebak!!

2.) [+66][-6] Is she even human; so pretty...the reason I like BP  Really looking forward to the song as well~

3.) [+47][-5] A blonde Jennie~~  Totally unexpected...so pretty~^

4.) [+44][-5] Jennie looks good in any color

5.) [+38][-3] Blonde Jennie looks so pretty


Title: "Jennie's shocking blonde transformation" Blackpink, expectations for their comeback rising with teasers alone

Source: Naver

Date posted: March 26, 2019


1.) [+162][-27] BP, hwaiting 

2.) [+127][-14] Really looking forward to BP.  Even with their success, they're forever locked in the treasure box.  It's so difficult to get a comeback for them...

3.) [+95][-11] Looking forward to BP's 'Kill this love'

4.) [+87][-10] Including yesterday's, their comeback spoilers are amazing

5.) [+87][-12] I'm really looking forward to BP


Title: Blackpink Jennie, shocking blonde haired teaser revealed "Kill this love soon"

Source: Naver

Date posted: March 26, 2019


1.) [+182][-29] All those people saying "no thanks", yet camping on BP articles 24/7 *barf*

2.) [+193][-48] Really looking forward to 'Kill this love'!!!  

3.) [+132][-19] Seriously looking forward to their comeback!!  'Kill this love'~

4.) [+81][-14] I want to see their comeback stage soon

5.) [+66][-13] Waiting for our Pinkies comeback~


Title: Blackpink Jennie, blonde transformation 'alluring goddess'

Source: Naver

Date posted: March 26, 2019


1.) [+271][-35] I like Jennie but not with this hair...black hair looks prettier 

2.) [+390][-193] I thought it was Hyorin

3.) [+239][-92] First time seeing a blonde Jennie and it looks good.  It really suits her...I like their 'Kill this love' concept as well.  April 5th, I'll be waiting!!

4.) [+173][-38] *kyaaa* A blonde Jennie

5.) [+130][-32] She suits this concept

6.) [+70][-6] Our blonde Jennie looks so pretty!!

7.) [+49][-3] A cool transformation that suits this fierce concept

8.) [+32][-4] Blonde Jendeuk

9.) [+13][-1] I like blonde Jennie

10.) [+14][-5] Jennie 


Title: Blackpink, blonde Jennie teaser revealed...comeback with 'Kill this love' as the title track

Source: Naver

Date posted: March 26, 2019


1.) [+388][-28] Jendeuk 

2.) [+285][-29] Is her blonde hair for real...so pretty

3.) [+272][-32] Seeing their concept makes me look forward to it..stop swearing at BP because they're not at fault

4.) [+208][-15] Wow, blonde Jennie is insane 

5.) [+194][-17] I love you Jennie  Hwaiting on your comeback!!

6.) [+47][-2] Wow~~ This is surprising.  Is there anything that she doesn't look good in...?  Even her hair style in the Paradise cf looked good...seriously~~~~~~ what's up with her..?

7.) [+45][-2] This is crazy

8.) [+40][-1] We're finally getting a blonde Jen 

9.) [+40][-3] It looks dope.  I guess she was holding back to surprise us big time  So pretty 

10.) [+37][-2] To think that I'd see a blonde Kim Jendeuk in this lifetime  This is seriously crazy; I'm so happy, it's making me speechless  Jennie, I really adore you 

11.) [+30][-4] So pretty  She looks like Rapunzel

12.) [+19][-2] Jennie, you look like an angry yellow cat.  So cute.  What kind of song is it?  Can you believe that there are still 10 more days until April 5th 

13.) [+18][-2] Aren't there a lot of homes where the older siblings always cause trouble and the rest of the siblings have to clean their mess?  There's no other choice than to become strong women.  JenChuLiChaeng, there's no one to trust but you

14.) [+17][-2] Our Jendeuk looks seriously dope

15.) [+15][-0] Wow, the color is insane  Looking forward to it 


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