Title: The day Jennie's figure looked really pretty

Source: Pann

Date posted: May 30, 2018

During Korea University festival...her shoulder line looked so pretty

Is it possible for a human to have such straight shoulders?
Even her shoulders feel cool

The large ribbon and square-ish top look so pretty
She looks cool and lovable 

Every time a new photo comes up, I find her so freaking pretty!!
People were saying that Jennie was pretty, after the Korea University festival and I completely agree

I'm most envious of her straight shoulders
She's got no extra fat on her arms and her collar bone is so pretty

Her visuals are one of a kind....
She's got her hair tied up here as well!!!
She came, prepared to show off her visuals!!

It must be fun for their stylist to dress Jennie
She looks good in everything

Hurry and come back soon!!!


1.) [+78][-3] She's got such pretty lines, visuals and proportions

2.) [+75][-3] Captivating...

3.) [+74][-3] It's a party...Jenkitty *meow8

4.) [+30][-1] Honestly, putting aside how pretty she is, how is a person able to look so charming.  Seriously, YG seems to not only sign on kids who are outwardly attractive, but also charming from head to toe, inside and out.  If you look at all of them, they're so charming and born to be celebrities

5.) [+28][-0] City kitty, baby kitty

6.) [+28][-0] Jennie is really consistently pretty.  There hasn't been a time where she hasn't been pretty

7.) [+22][-2] If a pretty kid like that does aegyo, I'd die

8.) [+20][-0] I was hooked the minute I saw her

9.) [+20][-0] Her face is so small ㅋㅋㅋ Because of her face and proportions, I can only see Jennie.  She's also got the best body line after Lisa

10.) [+19][-3] A girl that lacks nothing

11.) [+18][-0] Their stylist must feel like they're playing dress up with dolls

12.) [+16][-0] She wouldn't seem like it, but she's so lovably pretty

13.) [+15][-0] Sprite CF was done with the whole group, but she had the most solo shots ㅋㅋㅋ

14.) [+15][-2] The funny thing is, to hear that you have a "pretty body" you really have to have a pretty face, neck length, collar bone, shoulder lines, waist line and's seriously a tough job.  Jennie has an amazing body ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But we have a bunch of real life losers trying to nitpick at the details 

15.) [+14][-1] Face + body...she's got it all

16.) [+14][-0] If I were Jennie's stylist, picking out outfits for her would be so fun.  She looks pretty and luxurious in whatever she's in ㅠ It'd be like playing dress up with dolls

17.) [+14][-0] godJendeuk

18.) [+11][-0] She's got a slender yet toned body.  Sometimes, there are female idols that look too thin, and I feel bad for them.  But Jennie doesn't look like that on screen, so I find her pretty ㅠ Of course, she's probably really slender in person

19.) [+11][-0] Jennie has a pretty body

20.) [+10][-0] With her hair up while wearing an off-shoulder(?) outfit, you can see her pretty shoulders more clearly


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