Title: "Cute smile" Blackpink Jennie, YG Yang Hyun Suk congratulates her birthday today

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 16, 2018


1.) [+102][-0] Jendeuk, happy birthday!!!

2.) [+90][-0] Our Human Chanel Jendeuk, happy 23rd birthday.  Blinks are happy with just your existence

3.) [+86][-0] Jennie, thanks for being born

4.) [+83][-0] Jendeuk, happy birthday.  Blinks are happy and find strength because of you.  Stay by our side through your 20s, 30s and 40s (though this is just a selfish wish on my part), that's how precious you are to us Blinks.  In 2018, let's hit daebak, both Blackpink and Blinks!!!  Hwaiting

5.) [+82][-0] Happy birthday Jendeuk

6.) [+37][-0] I love you Kim Jenduek and happy birthday.  Your existence gives us strength and happiness!  We're always grateful and love you lots!  Let's spend each day with lots of laughter and happiness

7.) [+31][-0] Our Jennie, happy birthday!!  Let's do even better this year, Blackpink

8.) [+28][-1] I can't help but smile when I look at her~ Jendeuk mandu

9.) [+25][-1] JenJen is so lovable.  Yang Hyun Suk is also amazing for posting on his sns for his artists' birthdays.  Jendeuk Ramsay, I'll pray that you only walk the flower path.  JenChuLiChaeng

10.) [+15][-0] Happy birthday Jendeuk!!


Title: YG, wishes Blackpink Jennie a happy birthday...Yang Hyun Suk also writes a congratulatory message

Source: Naver

Date posted: January 16, 2018


1.) [+146][-0] Jendeuk, happy birthday

2.) [+119][-0] Happy birthday

3.) [+115][-3] Her aura is the best of the best

4.) [+97][-0] Happy birthday Jennie

5.) [+94][-1] YG's representative princess

6.) [+23][-1] Jennie, happy birthday

7.) [+18][-1] Jendeuk happy birthday.  Happy Jendeuk day!!!

8.) [+18][-1] Jennie, happy birthday

9.) [+14][-1] Jendeuk unnie, happy birthday.  I love you

10.) [+5][-0] It's infuriating that Blackpink doesn't have a lot of activities but I can see how much Yang Hyun Suk treasures them and wants to raise them like princesses


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