Title: Blacpink - Red Velvet - Twice, the 'best dressed' is?

Source: Naver

Date posted: December 26, 2017


1.) [+508][-80] Blackpink~

2.) [+484][-79] They're all pretty but personally, Blackpink!

3.) [+436][-69] Blackpink~~~^^ It's so pretty, the person and the clothes

4.) [+440][-87] All the members of Blackpink are really pretty...their visuals are on top and no need for words regarding their skills

5.) [+395][-104] Who is the prettiest girl group??  The answer is Blackpink, *ding ding ding*~~~~~~  Seriously, I think they're all the prettiest among the girl groups

6.) [+122][-17] Where did YG scout such a stylist...they seriously deserve an award

7.) [+111][-21] Blackpink's outfits are the prettiest.  They must pay a lot of attention to them...they also pull it off really well~

8.) [+102][-15] I'm a Red Velvet fan, but Blackpink.  YG's stylists seem to be working hard ㅎㅎ They're so pretty!

9.) [+102][-15] Blackpink~

10.) [+94][-14] Definitely~~~~~Blackpink~~^^

11.) [+83][-11] The answer is obvious

12.) [+75][-11] Rosé's outfit is so pretty

13.) [+61][-0] GFriend's outfits were too much.  It was really comparable to the rest of the outfits today

14.) [+80][-21] Blackpink's proportions are one of a kind

15.) [+73][-17] Blackpink~  They're all so pretty

16.) [+76][-23] Not a fan of any of the 3, but Blackpink by far.  They seem to invest a lot in clothes...the girls pull it off as well.  Red Velvet and Twice are similar, but Twice pulls it off better

17.) [+71][-18] Blackpink is the best

18.) [+58][-16] They're all pretty but Blackpink is the prettiest and most modern looking

19.) [+54][-16] Blackpink looks the most classy and it suits them.  Yesterday's 'So Hot' was amazing

20.) [+51][-14] Blackpink looks luxuriously classy.  Their stylist deserves an award.  Their stage outfits are so pretty


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