Title: are they discriminating against fandoms now ㅋ

Source: Pann

Date posted: December 23, 2017

**Seating arrangements for 2017 Gayo Daejun...
BTS  1100 seats
WANNAONE 1100 seats
Twice 1000 seats
IU 332 seats
GFriend 100 seats

Is this for real...?**

And does Blackpink getting 50 seats make sense...
IU, GFriend and Blackpink may have a smaller fandom than groups like Twice, Wannaone and BTS, but they can fill at least 1000 seats as well
Seriously, 50 seats is terrible...find strength, Blackpink fans...


1.) [+112][-105] The fandom sizes are say that they're discriminating, seems like a twisted thought

2.) [+104][-114] Because they don't have a lot of fans

3.) [+80][-94] Saying anything is "discriminating"

4.) [+69][-9] Even so, that's too little ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look how people are saying bs just because it doesn't relate to them

5.) [+59][-7] I get that they're basing it on fandom size, but 50 seats for Blackpink is terrible...

6.) [+48][-58] Wow, look at the way these people are talking just because their singers are popular ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm guessing they're BTS and Wannaone fans? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even so, isn't 50 seats terrible?  If it happened to your fandom, it's obvious that you'd all be flipping tables and filling up the pann rankings, but saying sh*t like "They don't have a lot of fans"...yeah yeah~ you're all so amazing

7.) [+47][-4] I'm part of the fandom that got 1000+ seats and this is being discriminatory, but look at the way the top comments are talking ㅋㅋ Is 100 seats, 50 seats, the correct estimate of the fandoms...

8.) [+42][-6] The top comment must be so nice to stan a popular group ㅎㅎ/s

9.) [+40][-3] I wish they could experience this once...see if they don't get mad when their fandom gets 50 seats while other fandoms get 1000

10.) [+32][-5] I get that there's a big difference between male and female idols' fandom size but fck...the difference in allotted seats is over 1000 and you're all trying to say this makes sense as being the proper representation of the difference in fandom size....?  Aren't all the girl groups up there able to fill at least 1000 seats as well?

11.) [+30][-4] What's with the top comments...even if people don't know Blackpink's fandom size, it's true that 50 seats is terrible.  Saying sh*t so distastefully when it could be phrased much better...just who's fan are you that you're so rude?

12.) [+27][-4] I can understand why the first 3 on the list gets the number of seats they do but for the rest, that's too small...Blackpink getting 50 seats...are they kidding ㅋ

13.) [+26][-1] ?  I'm an Army and I hadn't realized this.  They're getting over 20x the number of seats...this is an actual problem, so wtf is with the best replies

14.) [+23][-1] I'm sure the reason that Blackpink's fans are upset isn't because they aren't getting the same amount of seats as some of the other groups.  It's understandable to divide the amount of seats based on the fandom size.  Honestly, those other groups do have a lot of fans and Blackpink hasn't released an album, so it's difficult to estimate their fandom size; and even if they can estimate it, it hasn't been that long since Blackpink debuted, so it's inevitable to have a relatively smaller fandom.  But, even if they have a relatively smaller fandom, there should be limit to how big the difference is with 50 seats ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Seriously, do you think that there would've been this big of an issue if they had gotten at least 200 seats?  50 seats is really terrible...they're getting less than 20x the number of seats.  The top commenters, you might not get it because you've never experienced it, but put it into'd piss you off as well.  Let's not be rude

15.) [+20][-1] There's a comment below, saying that Blackpink wasn't able to fill 100 seats during a music show rehearsal and that's a lie ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at them trying to pretend it's a fact

16.) [+20][-2] They even held an event in Hongdae, advertising it only a day before.  It was limited to 100 fans but over 100 gathered and so many Blinks couldn't even get close.  50 seats is too small.  Put it into perspective instead of bragging about how big your fandom is ㅋㅋ Fckng pisses me off, hope you all get hit by karma~~~

17.) [+19][-5] Top commenters, quit fckng around ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

18.) [+19][-1] Even if the fandom is relatively small, they'd easily fill over 50 seats...but you're saying that that's a correct representation of the difference in fandom sizes...?

19.) [+17][-2] Blackpink didn't attend MAMA, MMA and won't be attending MBC Gayo Daejun...this is the only one they're attending.  Blinks were excited to finally see them again, but aren't they being too much, giving them only 50 seats??  YG even hyped the 'So Hot' cover on Instagram but we're only getting 50 seats...makes me really mad

20.) [+14][-3] The top commenters are rude ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if we have smaller Korean fandom, it's true that 50 seats is harsh.  There are several of us, myself included, who couldn't be part of that 50 ㅋㅋ This is seriously upsetting...will our kids even be able to see us...


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