Title: I feel the next group to hit big after BTS is Blackpink

Source: Pann

Date posted: November 24, 2017

Based on the international fans,
for kpop, after BTS is Blackpink

It's completely possible, given that they've only been around for a year
yet have that kind of popularity already

But the problem is the fact that their label is YG...if they don't promote them properly, it's difficult for that to become a reality

I just feel bad for them because they're under YG ㅠ
It makes no sense for them to be rotting away like that, despite being talented

(I'm actually part of another fandom, but like Blackpink)
I only spoke of the possibility, not the guarantee ㅋ And for the people that keep saying they're only popular in Thailand

Looks like it wouldn't be false to say that they're really popular in the western countries


1.) [+125][-6] Blackpink's concept suits the westerner's tastes.  Most of our country's idols have either a sexy or cute/innocent concept but Blackpink's concept is a bit strong and modern

2.) [+123][-16] Blackpink's concept is definitely more "modernized", mature and befitting of that age more than than the "aegyo" and "innocent" concepts ㅋㅋ

3.) [+82][-6] You never know what might happen, so I think it's completely possible as well...but their label being YG is the catch

4.) [+33][-3] Lisa being Thai also helps.  There are a lot of Thai MVs that have 200~300 million views.  And most of the members can speak English, so they have a lot of popularity out west.  Their next comeback will definitely enter the Billboard 'Hot 100'.  It seems right to say BTS for male groups and Blackpink for female groups

5.) [+30][-1] They seem to garner a lot of interest outside of Asia as well.  It's possible if they promote well and continue to release good songs...they need to escape the treasure box first

6.) [+24][-0] But it's a shame that Blackpink doesn't have a lot of promotions ㅠㅠ They need to be given more songs as well

7.) [+23][-0] Their MV view count is high, despite being a girl group

8.) [+22][-1] It probably won't happen, but I wonder just how high the view count would be if they were to collab...I often think about that

9.) [+21][-1] It was fascinating to seem them in 'Justice League'.  Although it's not as much as BTS, they're still popular so I wish they'd have more comebacks~

10.) [+20][-0] There are seriously a lot of international fans that stan both BTS and Blackpink


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