Title: *sigh* Blackpink is so pitiful

Source: Pann

Date posted: December 6, 2017

I mean, they're a fresh rookie that debuted in 2016...is 1 comeback in 2017 for real?  Blackpink should be getting full support...is focusing on 'Mixnine' for real?  They're doing extremely well, whether it's MV views or digital scores...is having no album yet for real?  Not being able to see Blackpink in this year's end of the year award shows...is this for real?  Debuting them in Japan before giving them an album...is this for real?  Not listening to a thing that fans are saying...is this for real?  Having to search for festival fan cams instead of music show clips...is this for real?  What is YG doing when he's got such pretty kids...


1.) [+58][-1] Enough with the mysterious concept...seriously no answer for him...

2.) [+42][-1] I'm a fan of another group, but I'd really like to see Blackpink's stages

3.) [+40][-0] You would think that they had debuted in 2017...it's already been that long

4.) [+19][-0] YG sucks at managing his company...he doesn't properly support his artists ㅠㅠ *sigh* YG's ego needs to deflate soon.  Bigbang is that one that carried him to where he's at; YG, you need to be forever grateful to GD

5.) [+15][-0] It's so hard being a Blink ㅠㅠㅠㅠ We're always made to wait and I'm getting sick of it...until when do we have to keep waiting...

6.) [+11][-0] I'm not a fan, but this seriously pisses me off.  He doesn't care about Blackpink, Winner or IKON.  Take care of the kids you have, YG...instead of going around doing you own shows

7.) [+10][-0] The company is probably thinking that they should release an album after Blackpink's fandom grows more, since it's relatively small right now

8.) [+7][-0] YG, wake the fck up.  The mysterious concept worked before but not anymore.  They should've been making appearances here and there from the very beginning to gather fans...*sigh* there's no solution for him

9.) [+6][-0] Seriously...fck....Blackpink and IKON...should be taking care of the kids he already has.  Why does he keep showing up in his flop show

10.) [+6][-0] I'm a fan of another group and I'm waiting for Blackpink's comeback as well...is this for real?  And why don't they have more side tracks...their songs are all my type ㅠ 


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