Title: YG, already planning on debuting another girl group?  Take care of Blackpink first

Source: Naver

Date posted: November 25, 2017

***Article explains 3 main concerns:

          - Rate of releases is so small compared to other labels...fans complain
               - Winner, IKON and now Blackpink...release songs once in a blue moon

          - Shedding the "mysterious image" is always welcome...but problems with releases still
               - Mentions that YG is improving in the "variety show" department, but long hiatuses
                 between comebacks is still an issue

          - Busiest YG celebrity for 2017 is Yang Hyun Suk


1.) [+888][-24] Wow...whether it's Lee Hi, IKON, Winner or Blackpink, I feel bad for them...CEO YG, please take care of your kids.  And Blackpink...it hasn't even been that long since they've debuted so why are you talking about a new girl group already...ㅠㅠ And Bang Ye Dam?  I read that you're trying to debut him next year as well...quit giving your kids such a hard time...please!!!  I feel so bad for them...please properly read the situation ㅠㅠ

2.) [+661][-12] Seriously ㅎ Yang, wake the fck up

3.) [+584][-17] At least all the other kids got to start off with an actual album...Blackpink is the most pitiful.  They don't have a mini or full album, just 4 songs

4.) [+500][-13] You should at least release a mini or full album before trying to debut another group

5.) [+477][-15] Let your singers sing and be able to hold concerts...and put them on more music stages as well

6.) [+174][-10] Feels like YG's only goal is to debut groups.  If you've debuted them, let them promote as well.  I've only just been able to see how good Winner's songs are, since there aren't that many...

7.) [+159][-9] IKON debuted a month before Twice, yet they only have 15 songs while Twice as 53 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seems like YG is the only one who doesn't get how serious this is

8.) [+149][-7] If it's going to be like this, set IKON and Winner free.  They'd probably do much better under another label.  They need to appear more on TV so more people are aware of their existence

9.) [+136][-4] There's one thing that YG is much better at than other labels...touring...he doesn't give them proper support and sends them on a ridiculous amount of tours to earn money

10.) [+117][-5] YG artists are supported by fans and reporters.  The CEO and staff don't give a sh*t

11.) [+124][-10] Give Blackpink an album instead of a reality show.  How long will you let these precious singers rot.  Release more songs...seriously, what are you thinking...

12.) [+109][-5] I seriously get mad just looking at YG's face

13.) [+106][-4] I don't even expect the same amount of promotions as Twice gets, but shouldn't you do at least half of it?  I doubt it's normal to hear the voice of the CEO of a label more than the artists under that label

14.) [+121][-11] Been a while since we got a good article...YG, support Blackpink

15.) [+98][-6] If you had given them plenty of promotions and then brought this up, nobody would complain.  But you've only given them 1 song this year and fans are carrying around bottles because we have no official lightstick.  Please support the groups you already have

16.) [+96][-7] An article that speaks for the fans..ㅠ If Winner, IKON and Blackpink had gotten plenty of comebacks and albums, fans wouldn't complain if you tried to launch a new group...and why is it that once the CEO starts promoting, his artists' promotions get cut....

17.) [+85][-4] It's not like they get songs from outside the label or have a lot of producers in house.  But he's so greedy and debuts a lot of groups, gives them a handful of songs and then doesn't take care of them

18.) [+85][-5] It still won't be late to launch a new group after Blackpink's status stabilizes...you haven't even properly gathered a Korean fandom, so what's the rush

19.) [+90][-7] We've already given up on a new single for Winner on Dec. 4th, but expected an album early next year...but looking at how YG acts, that'll probably be difficult as well.  Given Winner and Blackpink more songs...there's nothing to listen to lately

20.) [+64][-4] Please take care of Winner, IKON and Blackpink first.  Counting M9's group, YG's new girl group and Bang Ye Dam's group, it'll be like debuting 3 teams in 2 years...then what about the comebacks for the groups you already have....?


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