Title: What's with Blackpink Jisoo?!

Source: Pann

Date posted: July 18, 2017

How did such a pretty kid debut...

I end up going to their vApp, like a moth to a flame

This is honestly my first time seeing such a pretty female idol...

On top of that, she sings well..

I'm a fan of another group, but have completely fallen for her.  She's still a rookie, so I hope that more people will know about her...


1.) [+57][-1] Unless she's performing, she usually has on light makeup.  Pretty kids are definitely pretty no matter what they do ㅎ

2.) [+50][-1] Pretty

3.) [+48][-1] Pretty

4.) [+31][-0] Jisoo is pretty, has a good personality and sings well but it's a pity not a lot of people know about her.  I hope she becomes more popular

5.) [+31][-0] To those who keep saying that Blackpink is only attractive to females or is only hyped on Pann, here's the reality

6.) [+30][-1] Wow...Jisoo is really pretty

7.) Even though her makeup is extravagant, she's still naturally pretty.  I think she uses a bit of eye shadow instead of eye liner...if I don't use eye liner, it's bad ㅎ

8.) [+28][-0] Pretty

9.) [+27][-0] The two female idols I like lately are Irene and Jisooㅠ 

10.) [+26][-0] Jisoo is so pretty when she smiles ㅠ


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