Title: Blackpink, "About a year since debut, yet places, not on stage, still feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable"

Source: Naver

Date posted: July 17, 2017


1.) [+2515][-93] All the members in Blackpink have visuals that really pull you in...they're so pretty

2.) [+2522][-192] I personally feel they're the prettiest girl group

3.) [+1540][-60] I like how they all have different charms.  They're all so pretty

4.) [+1269][-55] Wow the first photo is daebak

5.) [+1039][-53] So pretty

6.) [+273][-20] They're really pretty, especially Jennie...she has a really charming face

7.) [+258][-23] Jennie is so pretty...

8.) [+239][-17] Jennie(?)...she looks good with everything she wears~~~ Same goes for the can mix and match whatever and she'll still look good~~~  I find her the prettiest among all the girl groups lately^^  A bit disappointed that I don't have a daughter

9.) [+184][-9] Pretty

10.) [+181][-8] Blackpink, Blinks will always continue to cheer you on!!!

11.) [+170][-9] Everyone has different pretty

12.) [+173][-12] Looking forward to Rosé's future

13.) [+163][-9] YG, are you listening...they're pretty and talented so let's see them on TV more

14.) [+164][-10] A luxurious aura....I really like Rosé's vocal color

15.) [+153][-8] On stage, they don't seem like rookies of a year and off stage they're such girls ㅎㅎㅎ

16.) [+161][-11] They define the luxurious look...because the kids look classy and have good figures, they look good with whatever they wear

17.) [+154][-10] They don't feel like idols but actresses

18.) [+148][-11] Their visuals can't be contained by the pages~ alluring

19.) [+127][-5] They fit each other well as a group and they're classy and pretty

20.) [+136][-9] So pretty


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