Title: Honestly, looking at just the visuals...

Source: Pann

Date posted: July 21. 2017

Who do you think is the top among girl groups?

For me, it's Blackpink ㅠㅠㅠㅠ They're seriously crazy...they're overflowing with girl crush charms and are so pretty...actually, the word 'pretty' doesn't even begin to cover it


1.) [+573][-147] So pretty

2.) [+416][-127] But isn't it true that Red Velvet has no visual holes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You're just mad and want to btch about SM stans[+253][-63] Blackpink for me as well..they're pretty, refreshing and unique pretty

3.) [+387][-108] Blackpink for me as well..they're pretty, refreshing and unique pretty

4.) [+146][-212] Twice

5.) [+133][-8] I feel, other than Blackpink and Red Velvet, there's no girl group that look luxuriously pretty and where all the visuals compliment each other

6.) [+105][-5] I agree.  Blackpink is pretty but I really like their luxurious auras

7.) [+95][-9] Blackpink

8.) [+88][-6] Blackpink and Red Velvet

9.) [+82][-2] Red Velvet and Blackpink are totally my style ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Red Velvet are pretty and Blackpink has that special luxurious aura on top of that ㅠ I live for these two groups

10.) [+81][-73] Twice for me!!  They're really pretty

11.) [+70][-3] Red Velvet, Blackpink and Girls one in these groups is an odd duck and they match well together

12.) [+69][-12] Red Velvet, they don't seem to have a visual hole

13.) [+67][-22]  Red Velvet!

14.) [+66][-2] Blackpink!!  How are they able to look so classy

15.) [+65][-6] SNSD

16.) [+62][-45] Personally, Twice

17.) [+61][-5] Apink ㅎ

18.) [+60][-0] All the members in Blackpink look very individualistic and are so pretty

19.) [+59][-10] The only fancams that our school watches, after IOI during Produce 101, is Red Velvet...

20.) [+55][-17] Let's be real.  How is this a visual hole?  It's frustrating how RV gets hate here ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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