Title: 'Is her visual for real?'...Blackpink Jisoo, displaying a variety of chameleon-like charms

Source: Naver

Date posted: May 8, 2017


1.) [+899][-43] Wow...pretty..

2.) [+619][-37] Their songs are good, they're pretty, and she's been doing a good job MCing for 'Inkigayo' so I'm happy.  Please come back with good songs again

3.) [+542][-38] She has a pretty smile

4.) [+529][-37] Is her visual for real...seriously so pretty

5.) [+424][-26] Even her personality is great, Jichu is so pretty~~ I want to see more vLives~

6.) [+195][-14] Blackpink Jisoo is fckng pretty

7.) [+167][-9] I like how all the pictures on Blackpink's instagram have that unique vibe

8.) [+162][-12] She's so charming

9.) [+159][-13] I can see Tang Wei in her...Jisoo is pretty!!!!

10.) [+143][-10] I wish I had a friend like Jisoo...to top it off, her 4D personality is so cute ㅠㅠ


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