Title: 'Comeback D-5' Blackpink, Jisoo's teaser revealed

Source: Naver

Date posted: June 17, 2017


1.) [+302][-25] Woah...Jisoo is really pretty

2.) [+261][-21] Jennie and now Jisoo..pretty.  As more teasers are being released, my expectations are going up

3.) [+229][-23] This dreamy aura is pretty

4.) [+200][-22] Their concept is daebak.  The comeback is on the 22nd at 6 pm

5.) [+191][-23] Jichu is so pretty, I adore you

6.) [+128][-9] Being pretty is like a concept for them

7.) [+119][-10] And now we have Jisoo~~  so pretty.  Do well and come back with a good stage

8.) [+103][-5] Pink hair...looking forward to their concept.  Let's do well Blackpink!!!!

9.) [+99][-4] D-5, the comeback date is approaching~~

10.) [+100][-5] It's like a futuristic sound, looking forward to it

11.) [+108][-10] godJisoo, looking forward to the comeback~~

12.) [+92][-6] I look forward to what kind of concept and song they'll come back with this time

13.) [+91][-6] It's unreal how pretty Jichu is ㅠㅠ

14.) [+86][-5] Jichu is always pretty~~

15.) [+81][-4] *pwah*

16.) [+78][-3] I want more

17.) [+80][-4] So curious what the song will sound like

18.) [+80][-4] Jisoo is so pretty.  Praying that their song will do well

19.) [+93][-9] Pretty

20.) [+80][-5] Definitely pretty


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