BLACKPINK 'August 8th Debut', their debut countdown started.. Rose as main vocal

Title: BLACKPINK 'August 8th Debut', their debut countdown started.. Rose as main vocal

Source:  Naver

Date Posted: August 2016

BLACKPINK is going to debut on August 8th, their countdown just started.

YG released an image of Rose through YG official blog, YG life today. Rose revealed to be BLACKPINK's main vocal. She also featured in G-Dragon's single, and she is known to be skillful at playing guitar while growing up in foreign country.

YG Official: "Rose father, who was living abroad, discovered her daughter's talent and ability when she was only 15 year old at that time. After her father sent the audition video to YG, Rose became a YG trainee",  while her family were still living in foreign country". She was  starting her trainee life all alone in Korea 4 years ago, when she was only 15 years old. She is now in charge of being the main vocal in BLACKPINK",  he explained.

Rose shows her innocent charm while being fancy at the same time on the poster that was posted today, she is eye-catching. She wears a white T-shirt and denim jacket with her long, light-brown hair.

BLACKPINK is composed of 4 members namely Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose. Teddy will be their main producer, who composed numerous hits for 2ne1 and Big Bang. They finished filming their MV's and are done with their choreographies made by famous foreign choreographers, so expectations are running high as how their music and stage performances will be.

Blackpink has been in the making for 6 years and 4years of intense training, they are talented group that have been constantly training at YG. It is expected that YG will release new images  everyday after Rose's image was published today, until their debut date comes.


[+31,0] Is D-5 including debut song and MV? I want to see it all

[+30,0] if they will release a pic of each member then D-1, MV teaser?

[+20,0] Rose is really pretty, come out quickly I am ready to be a fan

[+18,0] So curious about who will be the rapper, I thought she (Rose) was a rapper at first but it turned out to be the one who featured on GD's without you

[+16,0] Oleeeee

[+14,0] Rose is charming. Right now is Lisa, but I pay my attention to rose

[+13,0] SO exciteddd, how will their music will be

[+12,0] I'm an ikon's fan but I will support BLACKPINK

[+8,0]  she is charming, expecting her more


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