BLACKPINK, 4 hours after release, Chart 'All Kill' Monster Rookie

Title: BLACKPINK, 4 hours after release, Chart "All Kill" Monster Rookie

Source: Naver

Date Posted: August 2016

YG new girlgroup BLACKPINK achieve an all-kill in every music chart only 4hours after release.

They revealed their new songs titled "BOOMBAYAH" and "Whistle" on last Monday 8th August. Among these two title songs, 'Whistle' ranked #1 on Melon, Genie, Mnet, Bugs, and other various music charts within 4 hours only.

Meanwhile another title song 'BOOMBAYAH' ranks as #5 which proved a great interest towards BLACKPINK


[+4507,-522] With one release, YG Rookies ended everyone kekeke They always hit big when they debut....looking at them via MV's isn't enough

[+2913,-394] Rather than BOOMBAYAH I like Whistle more because it's unique

[+3255,-687] Truthfully at first, I said there was nothing special, once I listened to Whistle it made me crazy and wanted to listen to it more! Whistle is a good song

[+2833,-620] When you listen to Whistle the first time, it's like ' what is this?' but when you listen to Whistle continuously it is a very addictive song. It has an non-rookie aura..

[+608,-95] Not to compare but it was really amazing how YG debuted them kekekeke YG seemed like he wouldn't debut them at all moreover YG only kept bluffing about their debut for few years keke it must have been hard for them as well but their song is good! They will really be a good group later

[+442,-71] I want to see Whistle live stage

[+373,-50] I like this kind of concept... not too innocent, I thought they will use innocent concept completely , finally an eargasm song is released...GIRLCRUSH!!!!!!!!!! ♡

[+466,-85] The special thing about them: rapper isn't only rapping , vocal isn't only singing. Rather than the MV itself I can see how the rappers Jennie and Lisa did their part as sub vocal, so did the vocal line Jisoo and Rose who are the real main vocals

[+414,-72] As expected, the MV has a good quality~ BLACKPINK members are also so thin and pretty, one by one the members showed their presonality~ Cant wait for BLACKPINK^^

[+344,-52] Visual, singing and skills are dope, shall support you guys always FIGHTING

[+375,-64] Whistle is worth to listen since the song itself is good... song selection itself is so important

[+296,-42] Whistle's beat is so addictive

[+175,-17] Since Ive listen the song through the MV, i shall watch it on live stage at least once right?

[+148,-8] This time the girlgroup is as cool as 2NE1, yet they have a cute side as well which makes fanboys love them for sure

[+216,-31] I like Jennie so much, from her look to her talent

[+221,-33] It is good.. and unique as well

[+168,-18] Their MV is more incredible, it wasnt even 12hours after release yet it has 1,5M viewers

[+107,8] Their song quality though and their song skill is different

[+115,12] Our Jendeuk is so pretty, her body is good,  I like her voice when singing and rapping moreover with a lot of aegyo, our lovely jenjen

[+93,-8]  Rose is luring me in


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