BLACKPINK NEW title song 'Whistle'

Tittle: BLACKPINK NEW title song 'Whistle'

Source: Naver

Date posted: August 2016


[+1142,-158] I want to hear Teddy's song asap

[+1261,-200] I think it's good to have expectations for their talents as they have been through so much training though YG didn't really debut them

[+951,-148] BLACKPINK is the first YG girlgroup after a while so excited!!!

[+641,-123] ☆☆☆BLACKPINK DEBUT SHOWCASE +MV RELEASE LIVE on Vapp Monday 3PM☆☆☆

[+581,-108] Finally they will be debut, I want to see them quickly

[+117,-23] Anticipating their song, if only their style and their personality are good they will make an explosion to the fandom

[+106,-21] Actually following YG-kind-of-show, I will trust in their singing ability and stage presence.

[+106,-22] I am so excited just like how YG hasn't really debuted a lot of artists and instead focus on their singing quality.

[+72,-14] Oh Jennie's outfit!! Whistle somehow will have a lot of swag

[+74,-15] Whistle and Boombayah, both song will compete against each other on charts then

[+51,-13] I like the way minimal hiphop story sounds! If boombayah will be the song that shows BLACKPINK color then Whistle will be the type of song that is a tittle track.

[+12,0] I'll admit that YG is good at making songs


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