Title: Blackpink, comeback on the 5th at midnight worldwide..."a decision made for their global promotions"

Source: Naver

Date posted: April 1, 2019


1.) [+133][-39] To be released on April 5th, midnight worldwide~  I'm a bit happy because at least we'll be able to hear it sooner~^^

2.) [+85][-23] A midnight release is a bit worrisome  But BP will still do well!

3.) [+53][-8] Blackpink, hwaiting~

4.) [+73][-35] All they've done is release the tracklist and people are already at their necks  Just focus on your own biases

5.) [+39][-6] BP, hwaiting~


Title: Girl group 'Blackpink' reveals EP 'Kill this love' for comeback on the 5th

Source: Naver

Date posted: April 1, 2019


1.) [+147][-74] BP, let's hit daebak with this comeback!

2.) [+68][-16] Really looking forward to their comeback!

3.) [+49][-14] BP, come back soon

4.) [+48][-26] That's crazy...does Lisa have silver hair?  So pretty

5.) [+37][-19] There are so many lawsuit worthy comments here.  Time for you all to get fined


Title: Blackpink, 'Kill this love' tracklist revealed...promotion on the Beverly Center shopping mall

Source: Naver

Date posted: April 1, 2019


1.) [+330][-17] This is insane.  Really curious about what the song will be like

2.) [+228][-13] #1, here we come!!!!

3.) [+206][-8] The midnight release is a bit sad, but let's sweep the charts in the morning!!

4.) [+184][-9] A midnight release is taking a big risk, but I hope they'll do well  Blackpink, hwaiting!

5.) [+143][-9] The midnight release comes as a bit of shock...looking forward to the new song

6.) [+44][-2] ***Talks about how a midnight release worldwide was something requested by UMG, for the global market***

7.) [+43][-2] Releasing worldwide...daebak.  I think BP will still do well, despite it being a midnight release.  Good music always pulls through

8.) [+30][-0] That's crazy  Looks like it'll be another daebak  Jennie looks so good with the choppy bangs  But please release a physical as well 

9.) [+25][-1] Looks like they're focusing on Billboard this time

10.) [+23][-0] Midnight release on April 5th!!!  Really looking forward to it

11.) [+17][-0] Jisoo, I love you!  Hwaiting!

12.) [+17][-1] Jisoo is pretty

13.) [+15][-1] Antis are only helping in making this a hot article.  I love you, BP

14.) [+12][-0] YG, please let BP walk the flower road

15.) [+12][-0] Finally, they're coming back 


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