Title: Rosé's breathtaking backside

Source: Pann

Date posted: August 10, 2017

Isn't she one of the best among the idols will small waists????
Her belt feels like it'll be able to wrap around twice

Everyone in Blackpink has tiny waists but
isn't Rosé's the smallest??

It's a size that's hard to believe is human
She's probably 17 in.

If you look at her from behind, it's even better
Isn't her waist so tiny;;

Look how far her belt is able to wrap around
This doesn't seem possible...
it's surprising that all her organs are inside that small space

You could probably wrap your arm completely around her waist, right????
So jealous...her feminine frailness is dope

Her personal fashion style is good~ Her body is nice~
I agree that she's the type girls would want to be like

Even during her pre debut days, she was known for having a small waist


1.) [+51][-2] I get surprised whenever I hear such a strong voice coming from such a slender body...Rosé is amazing

2.) [+46][-4] Seriously though, Lisa came out all dreamy in this pic ㅠㅠㅠ

3.) [+25][-4] Rosé looks like Yoon So Hee from 'W'

4.) [+15][-1] She's the type where her small waist makes her look slim but her hip line is pretty so it looks good

5.) [+8][-0] This picture is seriously daebak.  It's amazing how such a powerful voice can come from such a slender body

6.) [+8][-1] So pretty

7.) [+8][-0] She said that her stylist said the waist was 24 in on 'Masked Singer' but that's probably in regards to the pants...her actually waist size is probably 19 in

8.) [+7][-1] This picture that Lisa took pre debut!  She's just naturally thin ㅠ

9.) [+6][-0] Wow that's really thin

10.) [+5][-0] Rosé's vocal color is really nice.  The way she talks and acts is really cute but her body line is really feminine and pretty


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