Title: Blackpink, is this for real????

Source: Pann

Date posted: August 16, 2017

Sorry about the terrible screen shots.  I can only think about how thin they all are


1.) [+162][-6] They seem to be naturally thin...they don't seem to gain weight and don't really seem to like to eat(***????????????????????????????????????***), since they split one chicken among the four of them

2.) [+130][-1] Rather than a diet, they're naturally thin.  They've also said that they don't need to undergo special dieting before a comeback

3.) [+110][-0] They're just naturally thin; even during their trainee days.  Because of their intense choreo, they don't need to have a special exercise or diet jealous

4.) [+56][-0] They're all just too good to be true.  It's obvious that YG put a lot of effort into making this group ㅋㅋ Watch them singing at JYP's Party People(?)'s unreal how good they are.  I feel like the best after Mamamoo

5.) [+46][-0] I wonder just how fat the camera makes you look....if it were me, I'd come out looking like an elephant

6.) [+41][-0] The girls are really thin, considering even Jisoo and Jennie look average compared to Lisa and Rosé...that's not the result of dieting from YG but the fact that they're naturally thin

7.) [+32][-0] YG usually has their trainees covering intense choreo so I don't think they need a separate diet's such a pity that they don't show half of the choreos they did during their trainee years....

8.) [+29][-0] It's a lie that YG doesn't look at visuals now ㅠㅠ Blackpink are so pretty

9.) [+27][-1] They do yoga for working out and don't really restrict what they eat!  They said the company doesn't really touch that part since they've pretty much maintained their figures during their trainee days

10.) [+21][-0] They said that they don't have to do a special diet, even when they were trainees...and that they usually are able to eat what they want as their bodies are naturally like that.  Even during their vlive, they go out to eat things like meat and such.  I don't think this is something we need to be worried about


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