Title: Blackpink&Red Velvet overlapping outfits compilation

Source: Pann

Date posted: January 21, 2017

Rosé 11/19 MMA 'Whistle'

Joy 12/18 Inkigayo 'First Christmas'

Jennie 11/19 MMA 'Playing with Fire'

Yeri 1/20 SMA

Jisoo 9/5 Inkigayo MC

Seulgi 1/20 SMA

Jennie 12/26 SBS Gayo Daejun

Irene 1/20 SMA

Other than the first one, all the clothes are Gucci.  
Because they're from big labels, they wear a lot of brand names...

Most of the photos are fan taken and for some, I chose gifs to show the clothes better!!!!  I tried to get pictures that showed most of the body without cutting off the face..ㅋ
(btw, the one who wore it first is on top)

++After reading the replies, it seems I need to clarify why I added the dates++
First, I didn't know what kind of caption to add, so that's why I did it (this makes up 80% of the reason ㅋ).  Second, there might be those who are curious..and I didn't want people to misunderstand me as biased when they looked at the order of the photos ㅠ  I even clarified what the dates were about in the beginning and put Red Velvet's photo first at the very bottom, but to think that this would cause such misunderstandings...I'm taken aback...ㅠ

+++++Someone said they wanted to see Red Velvet & Blackpink being friendly with one another so I'm uploading gifs I saw on Twitter++++++
(Jisoo who doesn't know she's on camera and Red Velvet who sees that and laughs ㅋㅋㅋ)

(The red arm to the left of Jisoo is Seulgi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Ending with pictures of each team as a whole!!!


1.) [+338][-91] There's seriously a lot of overlaps and they're always behind Blackpink.  I wish SM's stylist would get more creative;;;they aren't even trying

2.) [+241][-11] I'm a SM stan, and the outfits for the female idols was best when SNSD was still working with Seo Soo Kyung and f(x)'s 'Rum Pum Pum Pum'.  For Red Velvet...even their 'Happiness' period is better ㅎㅎ  From 'Ice Cream Cake', 'Dumb Dumb' to 'Russian Roulette' they've just been recycling outfits and during 'ICC' and 'Dumb Dumb' it was always sweaters and tennis skirts ㅋ For important award ceremonies, they'd dress them up like some character in a fairytale.  The members would have to make up for things with their visuals...I don't expect much anymore...just no more recycling clothes...SM should use the money meant for clothes and hire a good stylist instead....please...they should be trying to make Red Velvet look even better, but it's like they're putting faith in the looks and making them wear whatever....

3.) [+141][-10] It's a bit random, but I'd like to see Blackpink and Red Velvet being friendly with each other

4.) [+131][-0] YG's really good at styling them to look classy

5.) [+109][-0] Blackpink's stylist seems to understand what matches the members...same with the hair and makeup...I'm jealous

6.) [+97][-11] There's a rumor that Blackpink's stylist used to work with Krystal...she styles them really well

7.) [+90][-0] I want to hire Blackpink's stylist

8.) [+81][-10] Wow Jennie....daebak...fckng pretty

9.) [+78][-1] Maybe because they're big labels, but they wear a lot of brand name ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The rainbow outfit Red Velvet had on last time was several thousands of dollars

10.) [+72][-1] I was reading the replies and got jealous because it seems Blackpink fans have gotten an official fandom name....


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