Thoughts on the Rookie Award

Title: "Blackpink, 'It'd be a lie if we weren't hoping for it'"

Source: Naver

Date posted: November 2, 2016

"We'd be lying if we said we aren't hoping for it.  We'd been waiting so long [to debut] and if we were to receive it, we'd be extremely happy.....We'd like to have more schedules and more opportunities to communicate with fans than we have now"


1.) [+5866][-136] ....CEO Yang, these kids want it too.  Let's get some interactions.

2.) [+4597][-111] They're right.  The world is changing but CEO Yang remains the same...and the marketing tactic is bad.  How many years have they been using "Who is Next"

3.) [+4161][-126] They're rookies but they haven't been able to be on many what if they have good songs

4.) [+2933][-109] Hyun Suk, reflect.  And open up [your treasure box]

5.) [+2801][-95] For even a rookie to speak up like this...please think about their fandom as well~

6.) [+479][-12] Ikon, Winner, Blackpink, etc....YG has good kids and ruins them...they don't appear on broadcasts or have comebacks...even if they were to gain fans, they wouldn't be able to maintain them

7.) [+429][-12] We don't need another bad thing -- [referring to Park Geun Hye's scandal]

8.) [+439][-16] A big rookie group, Blackpink...rather than be mysterious, they need to be on more shows to gain more popularity...are you seeing this YG

9.) [+408][-9] For these kids to say those's obvious that they feel it's a pity that they only appeared on 'Inkigayo' ㅠㅠ They would've done even better on the charts if the company had pushed them on more music stages, 'Sketchbook' and varieties when they debuted....YG, you should change your marketing tactic.  Big Bang, in their debut years, did several interviews and came out a lot on TV and because they had that kind of past, it's why they're at where they are today....I pity these girls who want more interaction.  Rose's really good at singing and pretty as well ㅠㅠ

10.) [+378][-13] "We'd like to go on several music stages and be on more shows".  These kinds of things should be basic for singers ㅜㅜㅜ to think that this is their wish...

11.) [+303][-9] Blackpink girls seem smart and wise.  Let's do well, I'll be cheering you on.  Let's get some more interaction with your artists, YG.

12.) [+282][-9] Does it make sense for something that should be a given to be their wish....I feel so bad for these girls ㅠㅠ

13.) [+276][-7] This company debuts groups well and then neglects them.  Other companies send their groups on shows, releases albums, has fan signs and festivals and increases the fandom but YG only releases digitals.  YG should reflect on making those words come out of these kids' mouths.

14.) [+269][-11] Blackpink's biggest anti is girls are suffering so much

15.) [+243][-12] Let's not leave such good songs to rot....

16.) [+191][-7] What's this feeling...I feel so bad for them...

17.) [+185][-8] Free them to have more interactions!!!!

18.) [+169][-5] How's your thinking worse than these more considerate...

19.) [+160][-8] That's right, please do that.  It doesn't make sense that a rookie doesn't appear on shows.  It's fortunate that at least these kids are aware~

20.) [+189][-24] They're so pretty and talented but they really don't get much exposure.  They seem really charming too...especially Jennie ㅠㅠ fckng my style


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