Title: Blackpink Jennie, cheers on the test takers..."Hwaiting on your exams, I'll be cheering you on"

Source: Naver

Date posted: November 16, 2016


1.) [+119][-9] Pretty~ Blackpink hwaiting!^^

2.) [+105][-10] Let's win the Rookie Award at AAA today!  Looking forward to Weekly Idol

3.) [+87][-6] Cute

4.) [+76][-3] Wow, the class of her beauty is dope..

5.) [+82][-6] The Blackpink member that catches my attention the most.  I started to become interested after I saw her stage presence on Inkigayo.  I'll be cheering you on

6.) [+32][-2] The class of her visuals.  Looking forward to Weekly Idol and AAA today

7.) [+28][-2] Jennie!!!!!!

8.) [+23][-0] Praying that all the test takers pass.  Jennie's cheering us on, so we'll probably do well

9.) [+27][-2] Cute.......

10.) [+33][-5] Definitely Jennie~  Was it during 'Whistle's' first win on Inkigayo?  She wore a sparkly pink outfit that could've made anyone look cheap, but not only did she pull it off, but she made it look elegant as well!  Looking forward to Weekly Idol and AAA today~


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