Title: If you ask why these girls are Blackpink

Source: Naver

Date posted: November 16, 2016


1.) [+199][-13] They're all unique.  Let's go to the top!

2.) [+173][-14] I didn't know much about Blackpink but after watching their vapp, I was surprised at how cute they sound; so different from what they're like on stage.  Blackpink, do well!

3.) [+149][-10] They're so charming~ ㅎㅎ

4.) [+135][-11] Blackpink hwaiting!

5.) [+122][-7] Blackpink do well~ This uncle is a fan^^

6.) [+51][-2] YG...let's see the girls' faces.  Other fans have "fan food" gifs, how come I don't have any....put them on more broadcasts, they want it too

7.) [+37][-0] This article.  I completely agree after watching their vapp.  They're so lovable

8.) [+48][-4] Jisoo....seriously fckng pretty

9.) [+40][-2] They're cool on stage and cute off stage ㅜ they're really an charming group ㅠ

10.) [+36][-1] They were so cute on vapp.  I hope to see them more often


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