BLACKPINK, 'WHISTLE' Dance Practice Video/ BLACKPINK got 10 proposals for modeling for TV commercials

Tittle:  BLACKPINK, 'WHISTLE' Dance Practice Video revealed.. Overwhelming performance

Source: naver

Date posted:  August 2016


[+39,-1] Wah so dope *OMG*

[+43,-3] Amazing, this is very hard, will this dance be able to be covered?.. how about BOOMBAYAH then

[+36,-2] Though I hate YG, Indeed this is YG style

[+35,-2] They are very amazing, how could do the live while dancing that hard?

[+25,-1] The dance moves are very cool keke they had done well, the girls are so pretty and their bodies are perfect

[+21,0] Wah, I watched the video and they dance powerfully. They are really good *OMG*

[+23,-1] Everyone is so thinㅠㅠI want to see them on stage quickly.. And also Rose's outfit is my style

[+23,-1] Before (on previous dance practice) I only saw Lisa, but now I can not see anyone except Jennie

[+22,-1] Aishh Hyunsuk-ah just send them to do various show;;;; I am a fan and just watching BLACKPINK's video continuously… No other shows makes me crazy… I think I understand why so hard being BLACKPINK fan

[+20,-1] Wah they danced well, indeed

[+11,0] I want to see them on other stages, just let them do few shows

[+10,-1] They said their choreography is gonna be different, so the difference is that this choreography is really world class, Lisa is really eye-catching

[+12,-2] This is the best Korean  girl group

[+9,0] The fact they could sing with this song while dancing though

[+3,0]  Why don't they come to music shows?

Tittle: BLACKPINK got 10 proposals for modeling for TV commercials within 10 days of debut… “Creating sensation”

Source: naver

Date posted: August 2016


[+193,-2] Amazing, Yang sajangnim can't you just let them do other music shows?

[+165,-6] Wonderful, I hope to see BLACPINK oftenly on TV

[+150,-5] With two MVs and music shows begin, is there any members who left behind? (they meant no ones left behind in BP)

[+122,-4] Just shoot everything about them…

[+54,-3] I am going crazy with  Rose's part when she is singing 'I really falling for you' and 'This is really awesome'. I hope to see them more frequently on music shows

[+51,-4] Please, give me Vapp ㅠㅠㅠ

[+45,3] Those solid gems are finally shown…

[+40,-2] If they just take care of this and that, they will be trend already!! 

[+40,-2] That is so awesome

[+35,-1] I know this will happen… National pretty girls!!!

[+27,0] BLACKPINK members are all so freaking charming, especially Jennie, she is so pretty

[+26,0] From Jennie to Rose, their skills are so many, really pretty.. Please have more appearances on TV

[+24,-8] Indeed they are so awesome, I think they will be more successful than Twice

[+13,-2] I wish Jisoo and Jennie will do a sandwich CF


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