YG girl group 4th member is Rosé who is ready to debut after 5 years of training

Article: YG girl group 4th member is Rosé who is ready to debut after 5 years of training

Source: Naver

Date posted: June 2016

YG girl group 4th member is  Rosé who is ready to debut after 5years of training.

YG girl group 4th member 'Rose' is revealed. YG posted teasers of the 4th member of YG new girl group through YG's official blog following Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo.

Compared to the other three members (Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo) Rose is the 'new face' who was never officially introduced before, her teasers sparked curiosity to the public. Rosé is a nineteen year old Australian of Korean descent, who was born in Melbourne. She passed YG global audition at age 14, and came back to Korea to live her trainee life for almost 5 years.

Rosé isn't just about her appearance, but she is also multitalented, well trained; especially, very skillful at playing guitar. She was also featured in 'Without You' from G-Dragon Mini Album in late 2012. Rose had a fierce and charismatic look on the teasers that were revealed today, which give all the attention to her.

YG has started to reveal YG's new girl group members one by one at the beginning of June. They started with Jennie on 1st June , 8th Lisa, 15th Jisoo. Jennie and Lisa have always been introduced through collaborations with YG's artists already. Meanwhile, Jisoo already made her appearance through various music videos and advertisements as an outstanding visual.

Following the teasers, YG new girl group debut has been officially announced in July and their debut album will be produced by Teddy.


[+2090,-86] YG style + Sunmi + Baek Yerin feels

[-1561,-94] Her appearance has a charm, once I saw her she indeed possess YG style

[+1309,-107] Heol, so she is the girl who featured in GD's without you . Her voice is really good

[+934,-98] Heol, so she is the girl who featured in GD's without you, currently expecting more from YG new girl group

[+719,-88] so she looks like Baek Yerin...

[+161,-23] She's the main vocal ㅇㅇ So these 4 girls are confirmed then kekekekeke she's the one who got featured on GD's album with such a gangter- like voice kekeke please let us hear it once more

[+140,-20] Even though songs that come out from YG are always good, lyrics are good quality, I am waiting for another awesome girl group to come out

[+85,-4] Heol, I finally know who is featuring in GD's Without You. I really like Without You though

[+93,-8] Well who cares about appearance but if the song is good, everything is settled. This is a generation that's all about good songs.

[+118,-17] Wah, is this friend who featured in GD's Without You? Her voice color is good, then its confirm that she must be the main vocal? How about Jennie? Is Jennie the Main Rapper?

[+73,-2] She is obviously Korean. All 4 members have good dancer vibes.

[+126,-20] She must be a main vocal for real

[+116,-17] So pretty, she has a charm and chic aura. It will be good if she has a strong character

[+117,-19] YG new girl group is really amazing this time

[[+74,-12] YG has a charm explosion, please come out quickly


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