[OSEN] YG New Girl Group 4th Member Released "Australian born fierce Rosé"

Article[OSEN] YG New Girl Group 4th Member Released "Australian born fierce Rosé"

Source: Weibo (CHN translation)

Date posted: June 22 2016

On the morning of the 22nd, YG has once again announced the fourth new girl group member; it is reported that Rosé is 19 years old this year, is an Australia-born Korean, and entered YG when she was 14 by passing through YG auditions and has a total of five years of training. She is a member who has both fierce and has strong visuals. Additionally, will YG new girl group announce more new members or will this four-member group be the final promoted group? This has attracted a lot of curiosity and attention.


[+1718] If even this time you try to say that YG doesn't look at visuals, then you've probably gone blind.

[+1564] Even with these photos, you're saying YG doesn't value visuals? 

[+1111 ] Very pretty, the comments below are saying that YG, as expected, doesn't value visuals, how embarrassing, these few people cannot represent the greater population. 

[+986] [heart] Confession: Rosé [chuckle] featured on GD sunbaenim's "Without You"; Darling baby, love her so much [laugh]

[+866] exm? Even with looks like this, it's still not valuing visuals? What do they have to look like in order for it to qualify as valuing visuals?

[+803] Don't value visuals . . . I think she's quite pretty . . . . . . . . .  I don't understand what your personal tastes are worth anyway ? ? ?

[+798] Is it that shading YG has just become a habit to you now? I think that this time the new girl group is not bad [cry] [cry]

[+772] Park Chaeyoung, born in Australia on February 11, 1997. Roseanne Park featured in GD's "Without You" and is the main vocal in the new group. Bright and outstanding vocals was praised by Papa YG as one of YG's favorite vocal colors. Let's anticipate the strength of our new main vocalist! [laugh]

[+752] The girls that YG picks are all very natural and comfortable to look at.


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